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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 16

Written by Betty Quin, Directed by Colin Budds, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 08/04/85, BBC One: 17/11/86, UK Gold: 23/11/92

• On the way to the airport, Jim and Anna admit they love each other
• Max tells Shane and Danny that Anna changed her mind about leaving
• Lucy blatantly lies about Anna stealing Helen’s ring. Jim wants to know what is happening to his family

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul, Julie, Lucy and Jim eat breakfast while Helen hurries Lucy off to clean her teeth. Helen reveals she found the ring hidden in Lucy’s room. Jim tells Julie he wants an apology of her for causing the trouble Lucy got herself into. Paul suggests that maybe Lucy should see a psychologist because of her behaviour – Jim is not happy at the suggestion his parenting skills are being put into question.

No 24 - Kitchen: Anna is thinking about the night before and can’t face breakfast, excusing herself from the table. Shane and Danny prepare to leave and Max warns Danny about not being late for his diving lesson. After the boys leave, Maria chastises Max for being so abrupt with Danny.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul washes up the breakfast dishes and speaks to Helen about being upset at Jim’s tone with him earlier. Helen reminds Paul that his father sometimes has the right to be upset in his life. As Paul leaves for Uni, Jim walks past and apologises to his son. Helen ushers Jim off to see Anna before he goes to work so she can be alone with Julie. Helen tells her she is the cause of making everyone miserable but Julie self-righteously explains she believes she’s protecting Jim. Helen makes it clear Julie has no right to presume what is right and to face the fact that Jim has every intention of marrying Anna.

No 24 - Lounge: Anna is cautious about even considering marriage over the reaction from Jim’s family. He assures her things will get better. Anna also brings up Max’s clear objections to their relationship too. She explains how she feels she must consider her brother-in-laws opinion as he helped her family settle into Australia life when they arrived from Czechoslovakia. Jim also learns how her father learnt English and had a job with Max in the plumbing business. Anna comments that in many ways Gino has been the same, helping her through her mother’s terminal illness. Jim can only reinforce how much he loves Anna and wants to marry her.

. . .

Outdoor swimming pool: Max is feeling frustrated at feeling Danny’s attitude to training is slack and he’s not listening. Shane tells his father to calm down. Max turns his back and Shane coaches his brother. Danny takes the dive and it’s a good one. Max is fairly impressed and warns his son to be back promptly at the pool after school finishes.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Kevin Barry makes an unannounced visit to see Daphne who makes lunch for the priest before continuing to get ready. Daphne explains she and Shane are not seeing each other still when Paul arrives having seen Kevin’s car outside. Kevin mentions he saw Kim Taylor yesterday and how she’s just about coping to make ends meet. Paul comments how Scott is still blaming himself for her running away. Daphne leaves all dressed up and Paul asks how she and Kevin met. Kevin cautiously tells Paul to ask Daphne. Paul explains how Lucy and Julie are anti Anna and how he blames Julie for it all. Paul is sure Julie will destroy the relationship if she still can.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Daphne arrives to open an account and speaks to Julie about it. Julie however has no intention of helping and is rude to her. Des comes over and after hearing how rude Julie was, gives Daphne to Josie, another bank employee. Des reminds Julie her job doesn’t involve making judgements on people and if she can’t handle it then find another job.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Anna is helping Helen prepare veggies while they chat. Helen urges her to marry Anna despite what the objections about Anna ponders on whether you can be truly happy at the expense of others. Helen reminds her that she doesn’t love Gino. Helen explains she’s only too happy to let Anna take over the family and that in Max’s case is it worth losing out on happiness for the sake of his opinion?

. . .

No 24 - Lounge/kitchen: Max tells Maria a last minute plumbing job could mean he’ll not make the diving training later and she offers to let the boys know if he calls her. Max admits the lunchtime session was okay but found it hard to see Danny not Shane on the board. Max seems almost resigned to it and Maria is happy. Anna returns and sensing Max is unhappy with her decides to go for a walk. Maria explains to Max he is making her feel bad and must accept Anna loves Jim and is only marrying Gino out of gratitude. Max comments that Maria could tell her sister what that feels like.

Outdoor swimming pool: Danny frets, as Max has not appeared to his training session. Shane tries to calm his brother from thinking Max has done this deliberately and when Maria arrives to explain about Max working late – Danny is still cynical and goes off to dive. Maria explains to Shane she worries he and Danny is only doing this for Max’s sake but Shane reassures her Danny is doing this for himself. Shane admits he is quite a good trainer himself.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Des and Daphne have a glass of port after their dinner out. Des is keen for Daphne not to go to bed and the evening not to end but Daphne tired leaves. Des is clearly disappointed.

No 28 - Kitchen: Daphne can’t sleep and goes to get a glass of milk. Des who also can’t sleep joins her. Daphne asks Des why he took her out to dinner and Des admits he does like her and would like to take their friendship to the bedroom. Daphne lets him down gently telling Des a relationship with the landlord would never work.

. . .

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Anna arrives home with Jim from their evening out to find Max has been waiting up for them. Max has been drinking and is bursting to tell them he thinks they are making a mistake and Anna should return to Queensland immediately. He believes Anna isn’t strong enough to handle an instant family where 2 of the kids dislike her and they both don’t really know each other. Jim angrily warns Max to stay out of it but Max makes it clear he thinks of Anna as a daughter and that she belongs to Gino, a man without a complicated family life. Maria awoken comes out to see what is going on – Jim tells Max that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he’s going to marry Anna. It’s clear Anna is very upset by all this.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Rosalyn Gentle as Anna Rossi, Wayne Cull as Father Kevin Barry

Trivia Notes
• Maria and Anna’s father was Italian & their mother from Czechoslovakia
• Max taught Maria’s father English and gave him a job working in the newly-founded plumbing business
• Maria’s father died while working with Max
• Max took on two jobs to support Maria, Anna and their mother after their father’s death
• Daphne’s colourful back-story was hinted at when Paul asked the priest about how he knew her
• Des admits he has feelings for Daphne and wants to be with her

Summary by Paul