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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 25
Written by David Phillips, Directed by Greg Shears, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 19/04/85 BBC One: 28/11/86 UK Gold: 04/12/92

• Eileen tells Daphne she should move out of Ramsay Street
• Max is not pleased to hear that Danny has won the diving competition behind his back
• Des throws Carol out of his house after confronting her about the smear campaign. He sees Eileen has witnessed the whole thing

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria asks why Max cannot be happy for him but when Shane & Danny arrive home Max cannot bring himself to look at Danny and leaves. Danny is furious and storms off to his room.

No 24 - Danny's bedroom: Shane begs his brother to give their father time to come to terms with Danny’s winning and not spoil the feeling he has of achievement- Danny reminds him that he never wanted to win for himself, just for Max.

No 28 - Lounge: Danny arrives to see Des and they talk about how Max has reacted so badly to him winning. Danny feels he is being made into something he really isn’t to prove himself. Des empathises. Danny mentions Des should be out there having a social life like Daphne, reminding him it is his house to play around in.

. . .

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Max returns home to find Shane looking at Danny’s trophy. Shane explains how great he felt taking Danny onto winning. Max asks if he would like to coach as a career and Shane mentions it as a possibility. Shane questions where Max wants to place Danny’s trophy but is disappointed when Max tells him to put it in his room. After Shane leaves, Maria tells Max how disappointed she is he cannot be happy and be so determined to make their sons unhappy. Max finally admits this means he is now no longer needed by them as coaching was his thing. Maria tells him he has to move on and that it gives him time to devote to them as a couple. Max just walks away.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul and Julie lay the table while Julie blames Danny for being a waster but Scott defends his friend until Jim arrives home and Helen asks them to be quiet. Jim barks at Scott about not mowing the lawn and Helen takes Jim to one side to remind him that he has to get past his anger over Anna as she is now married to someone else but he is not keen to listen.

No 28 - Lounge: Des tells Danny how he stopped going off around the world with a friend by his mother after he left school and how he regrets not going to see places like the Himalayas like his friend did. Daphne arrives home with Father. Barry who congratulates Danny on winning the competition. Des wants to talk to Daphne but she wants to speak to Kevin first and goes to her room. Des frustrated at women still telling him what to do asks Danny to stay for dinner to get some male company. Danny declines, knowing it’ll upset Max further and leaves for home.

No 28 - Daphne's bedroom: Daphne tells Kevin she spoke to Sonia at the squat earlier who expressed a desire to get refuge away from her boyfriend – Kevin thinks he can do something to help. Kevin mentions Danny to bring up Shane’s name but Daphne makes it clear she is not going to do all the running to get him to notice her when clearly Shane isn’t interested.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Danny is walking home from school when he sees Carol’s daughter Josie running after a ball into the road. Danny scoops her up but Carol rushes out clutching baby son Tommy accusing Danny of attacking Josie. Danny is furious at being accused of something when he was just trying to help.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Des makes a bad attempt at making breakfast for Daphne, burning his hand.

No 28 - Daphne's bedroom: Des arrives waking Daphne with breakfast and demands they talk. Des wants her to know he intends to take back control of his life and wants to set some rules. Daphne however realises he’s woken her up after only a few hours sleep and sends him packing.

No 24 - Lounge: Breakfast is very quiet as Max doesn’t speak and storms off when Danny declines a lift to school. Maria mentions to Danny if he apologised about Mrs. Brown it would help but Danny tells her he’ll never apologise for something he didn’t do. Shane reminds Maria that Carol Brown was behind the smear campaign and that Max had no right to practically agree with Carol that Danny is guilty of hurting her kids to hurt Danny. Maria tries to explain how Max is reacting to being shut out of coaching but stops before she says too much.

No 26 - Lounge/kitchen: Julie is angry with Lucy taking so long in the bathroom and Scott is panicking about not having a clean shirt as Helen tries to cook breakfast. Jim arrives at the table, clearly in a bad mood having desire to talk to the family.

Street: Scott runs after Danny to catch up with him on the walk to school. Danny tells Scott how Max is still mad at him and the news that Jim has no part time work for him only deepens Danny’s mood.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Paul calls after Shane as he sets off for a jog and congratulates him on coaching Danny to win. Shane tells him he’s got a chance of a part time coaching job at the pool out of it and sets off again running. Julie asks Des for a lift to work claiming her car is broken again but Paul mentions it isn’t. As Julie & Des leave, Paul sees Kevin leaving too. Paul gets a weird reception when Kevin tells him he can’t talk about what he’s been up to.

No 26 - Back garden: Jim with Max’s opinion look at trying to mend Jim’s lawnmower. The joke about how they used to spend money on trying to afford petrol for a car they once shared. Jim asks Max about Danny’s request for part time work with him telling him he thinks he has some work for him.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane arrives home with news that he got the coaching job but it is only 20 hours a week. Maria congratulates him but wants to discuss their earlier conversation they had about Max & Danny. Shane tells her he knows Max was only ever trying to support him in training and that coaching was huge part of his fathers life but that it did take away some of the fun he should have had growing up. Shane explains he just wants to protect Danny from losing that sense of fun but not allowing Max to take it away. Maria is proud of her son.

No 28 - Driveway: Des brings his car to an abrupt stop after a rushed journey home from the bank. Julie is unimpressed by his driving and Des explains it is because he wants to speak to Daphne about what is on his mind. Julie follows but Des declines her help, as he wants to confront Daphne alone.

No 28 - Lounge/kitchen: Des finds Daphne in the kitchen making dinner, as he demands to tell her a few things. Daphne however beats him to it offering her apologies for the way she has treated him and taken over his house. Daphne thanks him for all his help with Carol Brown and promises she is going to ensure he feels like the house is his and bring a little fun back into his life. Des is speechless.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen asks Paul to take a cookbook back to Carol but he is not keen and Helen sends him off.

. . .

Ramsay Street/No 30 - Driveway: Paul runs across the street to find Carol’s daughter Josie holding baby Tommy out on the steps of the house. Paul asks after Carol and worried at Josie’s silence goes into the house.

. . .

No 30 - Hallway: Paul sees Carol lying on the floor unconscious and cradles her head unsure what to do next.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Wayne Cull as Father Kevin Barry, Merrin Canning as Carol Brown, Charmaine Gorman as Josie Brown, uncredited as Tommy Brown

Trivia Notes
• A neighbour is seen from No 32’s side gate looking over at Carol and Danny arguing
• Jim and Max reminisce about how they shared a car together and used to save their money during the week to buy enough petrol to drive around on a Saturday night
• Daphne’s bedroom is seen for the first time
• Shane gets a job coaching at the pool for 20 hours a week
• No 30’s hallway is seen for the first time
• Des tells the story how he decided not to go with his friend to travel the world when he finished school because Eileen begged him not to. Des regrets his decision to not see places like the Himalayas as his friend did

Summary by Paul