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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 51

Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 27/05/85, BBC One: 08/01/87, UK Gold: 11/01/93

• Des resigns from his job at the bank
• Daphne is angry that Des quit but Des has found another job
• The police arrive at the bedsit and Steve O’Donnel watches on worried
• Max finds a baby girl sitting on his bed

Max's Bedsit: Max is about to go tell someone about the baby when Steve walks in. He apologises for leaving the baby at Max’s. Edith walks in and begins telling Max about the police when she spots the baby. Edith thinks it’s Max’s grandchild and Steve exclaims that the baby is his and Edith questions why Max gets to babysit before she does. Max tries to get the pair to leave and Edith goes on to say that, while Miss Logan tried to get Max arrested, the police really want to talk to Max about his noisy neighbours who cleared out during the night. Max is ecstatic that they have left, meaning he can finally get a good night sleep. Edith, Steve and Christine leave and Max tells Steve he wants to talk to him in the morning

No 28 - Dining Table: Des and Daphne sit down to a nice meal to celebrate Des quitting and getting a new job. Daphne explains that she is giving up stripping and has joined with a secretarial temp agency.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge Room: Jim, Paul and Helen are watching TV as Julie arrives home from dinner with the girls from the bank. She says that everyone was talking about Des and Paul remembers that he was going to tell them that Des had quit his job. Julie explains how Des quit just as he was about to be promoted and Jim wonders why he gave up such an opportunity. Paul states that Des wanted a change to something more exciting, like real estate. Helen is happy about Des changing his career, but Jim gives a facial expression, thinking Des has lost the plot. Paul says he is glad his friend has quit as he believes his boss Mr. Arnold had been walking over Des for too long. Jim agrees but argues that at the bank Des had security. “He was getting into a rut you mean” says Paul. Helen, sensing that a fight may break out, states that Des obviously saw a future in real estate and that he’d make a very good salesman.

No 28 - Lounge Room: Des questions to Daphne whether number 28 is in keeping with his new image as an ‘upwardly mobile, successful, young salesman.’ Daphne pulls him up, saying he hasn’t even sold a house yet. She tells him he should settle into his job before he makes any radical plans. Des tells Daphne he is glad she decided not leave. Des begins to tickle Daphne and they end up having a moment and kissing. The arrival of Shane brings them out of the moment and they continue going about as normal.

Pacific Bank: Marilyn and Julie are setting up as Marilyn comments that the bank isn’t going to be the same now that Des has left. Julie agrees and Marilyn convinces her to apologise to Des during her lunch break. Kevin Morgan, from the banks head office, arrives and wants to see Mr. Arnold. Marilyn wonders what’s going on and Julie jokes that she told head office about how Mr. Arnold and Marilyn were having an affair and embezzling from the bank – which Marilyn doesn’t understand.

Max's Bedsit: Max and Edith question Stephen about his situation. He explains that his wife, Kerry, was threatening to divorce him and if that happened she would get the baby. Worried that he’d never see his daughter again, he packed up their things, left and note and took off. When the police had arrived at the bedsit, he was worried they were there for him, prompting him to leave the baby in Max’s room. He says that once he was out of a job, they started having money problems and had to move in with Kerry’s parents’ house. This strained their relationship as her parents didn’t like Stephen that much.

. . .

No 28: Des is getting ready for lunch when there is a knock at door. It’s Julie. Des goes back to making some lunch as Julie says she has come to apologise. Des wonders why and Julie says she should have listened to him with all the Greg Arnold stuff. Des tells her that is okay and it doesn’t matter what happened. Julie tells Des that she is going to miss him at work, especially his jokes that made everyone laugh. Des tells her he will miss everyone at the bank too but that his decision to quit was the right one. Daphne walks in and tells Julie she is glad she was able to get out of Greg’s party in one piece. Daphne tells them she has to go to work and Julie asks if she dances during the day as well, thinking stripping was just a night thing. Daphne tells Julie that the party made her see that stripping wasn’t for her anymore and convinced her to return to secretarial work. Daphne leaves for work, followed by Julie. Just as Des shuts the door, the phone rings, it’s someone from the real estate company Des has got a job for. Des is glad they called and asks when he starts. {We do not hear the other side of the conversation} Des finds out that he is no only needed for the job, meaning Des is now unemployed after throwing away a good promotion.

Max's Bedsit: Max returns from work, followed by Stephen, Christine and Edith. Edith goes about making cups of tea as Max begins to explain why he wanted to see Stephen. Stephen interjects, telling Max that he has decided to go north and that Kerry can come too if she wants, but he and Christine will manage either way. Max tells him it’s a stupid idea and that he won’t be able to look after Christine while he’s on the run – he doesn’t want to return to Kerry’s parents’ house. Edith tells him that Kerry should be consulted about the plans and that she is probably worried about Christine. Max agrees and tells Stephen he should call Kerry to sort things out.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Des is reading the newspaper, particularly the situations vacant section. Pauls enters through that back door, asking Des if he wants a game of tennis. He notices what Des is reading and wonders why he is looking for a job when he already had one. He tells Paul that the position he was to fill was no longer viable and that he now had nothing. He mentions to Paul that he doesn’t want to tell Daphne as she would blame herself.

Max's Bedsit: Max and Edith are watching Christine as Stephen returns from his phone call with Kerry – they are meeting each other in the morning at the park. Stephen tells Edith he can come by the get Christine at 8:30 to look after her. Max is glad things are starting to work out and asks them to leave as he has things to do and is going out that night. Edith, who had noticed how Max was talking to Stephen, asks Max if he misses Maria. He tells her he does but that their problems are different to those of Stephen and Kerry’s. Edith agrees that they would be but that in the end it comes down to pride

Pacific Bank: Kevin Morgan, who has been talking to Marilyn in the office, thanks her and asks to send in Julie. Julie enters and takes a seat. Kevin tells her that this is not an inquisition but that head office has noticed irregularity’s from the branch, which is why he has been questioning the staff. Julie tells him about the Credit Analysis Program and how it was causing problems and how people thought Des was to blame. As Kevin takes notes, Julie adds that many people also thought it to be Greg Arnold’s fault. Kevin asks about Des resigning so suddenly and Julie tells him it was only because he was offered a better job. She goes on to say that Mr Arnold took advantage of Des’ good nature but Kevin cuts her off, stating he is not interested in character testimonials, only the facts

No 28 - Kitchen: Des is cooking dinner as Julie tells him about her questioning. Des comforts her by telling her that he has nothing to hide and she didn’t say anything bad about him. Daphne arrives home and susses out the dinner that Des is making – he had been throwing herbs and spices into the pot, seeming to make it up as he went. Julie says that she is due home for dinner and leaves. Daphne is happy about her first day, stating that is was ‘blissfully uneventful’. She asks if Des found out when he starts work and he glosses over the subject saying that they were hazing about when but that it was soon. Daphne, taking on the up marketing suggestions Des had made the previous night, suggests that they redecorate the place. Des, worried as he has no job, comments on the lack on cash flow they have. Daphne reassures him, saying they don’t have to start right away, but they can at least start coming up with ideas – Daphne had picked up some brochures on the way home. Daphne thinks they should start with curtains and light fixtures but Des tells her they should wait until he gets settled in and his first commission check. Daphne goes on to say that she has savings and pay that could cover Des until he gets some cash flow himself. Daphne questions what Des is making for dinner and he tells her it’s his own recipe.

. . .

Restaurant: Max and Maria are talking about Max and the bedsit. Max suggests that they should tell the boys about why they split up. Maria agrees but doesn’t think they should tell them the truth. Maria thinks they should tell them they are no longer in love.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Shane and Danny are watching TV as Max and Maria arrive. Shane is excited about the pair being together, thinking they are getting back together. Maria breaks the news that they are no longer in love and Shane comes to terms with the news that his parents aren’t getting back together.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Julie Robinson, Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Eve Godly as Mrs Edith Harris, Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Greg Fleet as Steve O’Donnel, Amaile Rozsa as Christine O’Donnell, Howard Bell as Mr Morgan

Trivia Notes
• Howard Bell, who played Mr Morgan in this episode, would return later in the 1980s, in the recurring role of Reverend Sampson
• • Des makes Bacon and Cheese Curry for dinner, a recipe he invented himself

Summary by Victoria