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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 52

Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 28/05/85, BBC One: 09/01/87, UK Gold: 12/01/93

• Max tells Steve he can’t look after a baby on the run
• Mr Morgan asks Julie about Des
• Des doesn’t get the real estate job

Max's Bedsit: Steve head out for his meeting with Kerry as Edith takes Christine. Max, who is heading off for a shower, says he is doing paperwork so will be at home all day. He wishes Steve luck and agrees to go for a walk with Edith and Christine later.

Park: Kerry waits for Steve to arrive. As soon as she sees him, she asks how Christine is doing and if he is feeding her properly. Once she is sure her daughter is okay, she asks how Steve is getting on. He tells her he misses her and that they need to work things out. She nods in agreement.

. . .

No 24 - Danny's Bedroom: Danny is listening to music as he packs his bag. Shane walks in, telling him they have to work out a roster for jobs to do around the house, seeing as Max and Maria are staying separated. He tells Danny they should cut down on power use (turning of a lamp in the process) as they will be getting less income now. Danny thinks Shane is acting just like Max and thinks he is overreacting. Danny tells Shane that there are loads of men out there that are better for Maria, and for them. Shane states that Danny is talking about Nick and that Nick is using Danny to get to Maria. Danny doesn’t care, saying Nick would be better than Max.

Max's Bedsit: Max is doing his paperwork when Nick arrives. He regrets Max losing his license and hopes it hasn’t hurt Max’s business too much. Max, annoyed at being interrupted while working, asks Nick what he is really doing there. Nick asks if Max and Maria are really broken up. Max sceptically asks why he wants to know but Nick passes it off as generally wondering and leaves.

Bedsits - Corridor: Edith comes running out of her room with a screaming Christine. She knocks anxiously on Max’s door and explains that she took her eyes of Christine for a second then found her in her purse with some of her sleeping pills – Christine had swallowed a fair few of them. Max tells Edith to get the name of the pill and her car keys so they can go to the hospital.

Hospital: Max runs in with a still screaming Christine, followed closely by Edith. They hand the baby and pills to some nurses who take her off to be treated. The orderly commends Max on his quick thinking and action. They take a seat to wait and Max wonders how Christine was able to get into the bottle as medication is childproof. Edith explains that she had broken the lid which allowed Christine to get in so easily and she wonders what she is going to tell Steve.

. . .

Park: As they walk through the park, Kerry tells Steve that she is not going traipse around until Steve finds a job. They both agree that they hate living with her parents but say it’s for the best as it is saving them rent. They decide to tell them how they feel, not wanting their marriage to end.

No 28 - Kitchen: Des is talking on the phone as Shane enters. Des hangs up angrily and Shane thought it would have been one of Des’ clients. Des tells Shane that he has no clients as he has no job. Shane ask him if there is anything he can do. “Yeah, pray” Des replies.

No 24 - Lounge Room: Maria is lounging on the couch reading a book as Nick enters with a bouquet of flowers from the back door. Even though slightly shocked at Nick’s appearance, she tells him the flowers are beautiful. He asks her about how dinner went the previous nights and she glosses over the details. Nick tells her she need and holiday and invites her to Hawaii with him.

Hospital: Max and Edith are still waiting at the hospital when a nurse arrives with Christine, who is fine and hasn’t been affected by the pills. The nurse thinks they are the grandparents and the pair go along with it, affectionately calling each other ‘love.’

. . .

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria is doing the ironing, think about Hawaii. Shane, who is grabbing something to eat, suggests she needs a holiday, telling her to go to Queensland to see Anna, a possibly take Max. She tells him Nick invited her to Hawaii and Shane isn’t too happy the prospect. She tells him the only reason he is tempting her with a cheap holiday is so they can get into bed together. In response to the remarks, Maria slaps Shane across the cheek, telling him to get out.

Bedsits - Corridor: Kerry and Steve arrive back and knock on the door to Edith’s room. With no answer, they check Max’s room. There is still no answer and Kerry begins to get really worried. Just then, Max and Maria arrive home and Kerry happily hugs Christine. Max hopes they haven’t been waiting long and explains their walk went longer than expected.

No 28 - Dining Table: Des is circling job vacancies in the paper, still searching for a job. Daphne arrives home and Des quickly hides what he was doing, still not wanting Daphne to know. She goes about eating some lunch as Des looks through the mail. Des tries to talk to Daphne about the redecorating but she cuts him off saying she has found some great bargains. Des brings up the fact he has no money again but Daphne feels as though it would be a way to pay him back by redecorating. Des attempts to explain but there is a knock at the door. It’s Kevin Morgan from the bank. He takes a seat and hands Des his letter of resignation saying that Mr. Arnold was not allowed to accept it without checking with head office first. He wants Des to return as acting Manager, followed by assistant manager when they have the position appropriately filled. Kevin comments that Des could one day have his own bank. Des decides to take the job and Daphne asks him what he will tell the real estate agents. He says they will understand and sort something out.

No 24 - Danny's Bedroom: Shane walks in and asks Danny how school was. He apologises for that morning but hopes they can continue the conversation without fighting. Danny guesses that Shane and Maria had problems that morning too as Maria told Danny about how Shane was whingeing about Nick. Shane doesn’t want Nick around as it’s stopping Max and Maria getting back together. Danny points out that if they wanted to be together they would be. Danny, knowing about Nick’s invite to Hawaii, wishes he could go too. Shane points out that Max is still Danny’s father and that he shouldn’t treat him like anything less. Danny argues that Max should start acting like his father and not a headmaster because he couldn’t care less about Danny and thought of Shane as the Golden Boy.

Max's Bedsit: Steve and Kerry have decided to move out and are staying goodbye to Max. They are going to move back in with Kerry’s parents after having a talk with them that morning. Kerry gives Max a bottle of wine as a thank you for looking out for Steve and Christine and convincing Steve to contact Kerry. Steve tells Max to drink it with his family when he gets back together with them. Max says that might be a long time but Kerry b elieves that after helping the pair he would be able to help himself. They head of to say goodbye to Edith and Max returns to his room.

. . .

No 24 - Backyard: Shane is attempting to mow the lawn but the lawnmower won’t work. Jim sees Shane having trouble so comes over to see if he can help. Jim begins trying to fix the lawnmower as him and Shane talk about Max and Maria. Shane tells Jim that the two had gone out for dinner the previous night and that he had thought this meant they were getting back together. He goes on to say that when they got home, they told them why they broke up. Jim, knowing that Max isn’t Danny’s father, believes this is what Max and Maria have told the boys and tells Shane that in time Danny will come to terms with Max not being his father.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Eve Godly as Mrs Edith Harris, Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman, Greg Fleet as Steve O’Donnel, Amaile Rozsa as Christine O’Donnell, Howard Bell as Mr Morgan

Trivia Notes
• Howard Bell, who played Mr Morgan in this episode, would return later in the 1980s, in the recurring role of Reverend Sampson
• The hospital staff and the character of Kerry O'Donnel are all uncredited

Summary by Victoria