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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 76

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by John Gauci, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 01/07/85, BBC One: 12/02/87, UK Gold: 15/02/93

Shane asks Mrs Fielding if she'd like him to come inside with her
Helen sends Lucy and her binoculars away, and Lucy reports that a dog peed on Mrs Allen's rose bush
Shane phones home to say he'll be staying overnight at Linda Fielding's house - Max is furious
Lucy spots Gordon Miller outside on the street, with a gun
Daphne starts looking for the pictures for Lucy, unaware that Miller is standing nearby with a gun

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne's search for the pictures is interrupted by the phone ringing. It's her agent, Frank, with a stripping job for her. Lucy asks who it was, and Daphne explains about the stripping, but says that jumping out of a cake isn't much fun after you've done it a few times. Daphne then finds the Japan pictures, and Lucy wants to show them to Helen, so Daphne goes with her, wanting a chat. They leave the house, with Miller still hiding.

No 26: Lucy runs into the house, and makes Helen jump, as she was painting and listening to music on her headphones. Lucy shows Helen the postcards of Japan, and says that Daphne is going back to stripping, then runs off to do some work on her project. Daphne tells Helen that the gossips will be enjoying talking about her return to stripping, but Helen tells Daphne not to let it bother her. Helen then asks about Terry, and Daphne admits that she's never been so jealous of anyone in her life. Daphne wonders how Helen remains so content - she says that she enjoys the day she's in, rather than worrying about the future - and Daphne asks her if she'll ever marry again. Helen admits that she might, but most men want someone to look after them, and she wants a man to look after her. Lucy calls Helen to the window again, having spotted Miller out on the street, going back to his car. Helen eventually goes to see what all the fuss is about, but by then, he's gone.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Miller turns his car around, sits at the end of Ramsay Street, and waits. He hides the gun in his glove box.

Bedsit: Max is fixing the plumbing under his own sink, when there's a knock at the door - it's Shane. Max asks him about spending the night with 'that Fielding woman' - Shane explains that her husband died yesterday, and he spent the night on her sofa, as she had nobody else. Max just hopes that his son got paid, and Shane is appalled by his father's lack of compassion. Max apologises, and says that he's got a lot on his plate, with no driver. Shane suggests that he go to the CES and stop being a martyr, saying that he pities the next poor guy who ends up working for Max.

Ramsay Street: Miller is still sitting in the car, at the end of Ramsay Street, when he spots Terry walking along, carrying a box. He slides down in the seat, and watches as Jim pulls up in his car, offering to give her a hand. She insists that she's fine, as she could use the exercise. Miller watches Jim park his car, but then Maria suddenly appears and takes Terry into the Ramsay house, annoying Miller.

No 24 - Kitchen: Terry complains about the price of groceries, as Maria gets her a drink. Maria then asks Terry whether it's true that she's married. Terry confirms that it is, but says that she's trying to get a divorce. Maria admits that she was a little concerned about Shane getting involved with a married woman, but says that everyone makes mistakes and she hopes things work out for Terry and Shane. Maria explains that Max made her sound like some kind of loose woman, and that was why he sacked her. Terry knows this, and decides that she'll go and see Max to get the money he still owes her.

CES Office: Max is talking to Mr Jones at the CES, who isn't very impressed that Max has already hired and fired four people that month. Max says that they were all useless, but Mr Jones believes that Max didn't give them a chance and wasn't tolerant enough. Max gets annoyed at this and announces that he's leaving, rather than be insulted.

Ramsay Street: Miller continues to watch, and sees Terry walking back across to number 28. However, he gets frustrated as Daphne, who is cleaning the car, goes into the house with her.

. . .

No 28: Daphne tells Terry that she needs to be more careful about locking up behind her - she came home earlier and found Lucy in the house. Terry apologises, though she's sure she remembered to lock the doors, but realises that Daphne is actually annoyed because of Shane. Daphne denies it, but Terry says that Daphne used to go out with Shane and is clearly unhappy. She then asks if she can borrow the car - Daphne isn't too keen, but when Terry explains that she needs to pick up her wages, so she can pay the rent, Daphne reluctantly agrees.

No 24: Danny is complaining to his mum about school, and how it's inhibiting his creativity, when there's a knock at the door. It's a girl named Wendy, who explains that she's a friend of Anna, Maria's sister - Anna wrote to say she'd be coming, but clearly the letter hasn't arrived yet. Maria goes to make coffee, whilst Danny chats to Wendy about the surfing in Queensland. She's impressed when he tells her that he's a diver, and she then admits that she isn't sure where she's going to stay, but it'll have to be cheap. Danny suggests that she stay with them, and Maria agrees that she's welcome.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Lucy is doing a drawing, and claims that it's the bank robber, and that she saw him earlier. Nobody seems to believe her, and Jim reads out a newspaper story, claiming that Miller has so far been spotted by people in Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Lucy shows the drawing to Jim, and he says that it doesn't look much like the picture of Gordon Miller from the newspaper; Lucy sees the photo and is certain that it's him. Scott claims that Miller is outside, and Lucy runs to look out of the window, but isn't happy when all she sees is Daphne and Terry walking to the car.

Ramsay Street: Daphne sees Terry off, warning her that the car is a bit tricky to get into second gear. Miller watches Terry drive out of the street, then turns his car around and follows her.

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria and Shane are playing chess, and Maria is talking about Wendy, wondering if Shane is interested in her, but Shane says that he isn't, and Danny has nothing to worry about. Scott then comes in, looking for Danny. When he hears that Danny's taken a girl out into town, he admits that he thought Lucy was making it up, when she said she spotted Danny with 'a gorgeous girl' earlier. Maria says that Lucy was spying on her earlier too, and Scott says that she's been making all sorts of things up - like she saw Bob Hawke on Ramsay Street, and the bank robber going into Des's place. Shane suddenly realises that she might be telling the truth about that one, and rushes out of the house.

No 28: Shane rushes in, looking for Terry. Daphne tells him that she's gone to see Max, and he asks if he can borrow the car. Daphne explains that Terry's got it, and Shane then rushes off again, leaving Daphne very confused.

. . .

Street: Terry is driving along, with Miller close behind. She suddenly notices him, wondering what to do.

Street: Shane, meanwhile, in Max's van, isn't far behind either.

Back Street: Terry parks the car and gets out, running up the back steps of Max's building. Miller watches her, takes his gun and follows.

Bedsits - Corridor/Max's Bedsit: Terry runs in and starts banging on Max's door. She goes in and tells him that her husband is following her - it's Gordon Miller, the man who caused the accident. She says that he's outside and he has a gun. Max goes out into the corridor to look, but Miller comes up behind him and points the gun at him, telling him to get inside.

Back Street: Shane parks the van, and runs inside.

Bedsits - Max's Bedsit: Miller points the gun at Max, but Terry tells him to leave Max alone. Miller calls her pathetic, and says that he's waited a long time to kill her. Just then, Shane bursts in, and Miller drops the gun. Max picks it up, and Miller recognises Shane from the trial, realising that he's the diver and Max is his father. Max points the gun at Miller, telling him that he's got a lot to answer for, and asking Shane and Terry to go outside.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Red Symons as Gordon Miller, Kylie Foster as Wendy Gibson, Rob Muddyman as Mr Jones

Trivia Notes
The scene in the recap, in which Shane asks Linda Fielding if she wants him to come inside, was not featured in episode 75
Past character Anna Rossi is mentioned

Summary by Steve