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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 117

Written by Patrea Smallacombe, Directed by Peter Andrikidis, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 27/08/85, BBC One: 10/04/87, UK Gold: 13/04/93

Daphne warns Ian that he's going to lose Rachel for good
Julie says that it's a shame to see the Ramsays becoming so fragmented
Daphne insists that she's going to stick by Rachel
Max makes a list of grievances against Jim
Rachel copies down the address of Daphne's agent
The solicitor tells Paul and Terry that there's a problem with their deal

Solicitor's - Mr Manning's Office: Mr Manning explains that the owner of the unit couldn't raise the money for his move, so he's taken it off the market. Paul and Terry are upset, but are told that they'll get their deposit back. Paul says that they'll never be able to afford anything now, then apologises to the solicitor, and he and Terry leave.

No 28 - Lounge: Paul is still very angry about the deal falling through, and is surprised by how calmly Terry is taking it. Terry says that there's no point in getting upset, as there's nothing they can do - and they've still got each other. Paul tells her to remind him of that comment when they spend the first few years of married life living in a tent. He then brings up how bad her first marriage was, and how he doesn't want that to happen again - but Terry points out that none of this is her fault either, and her first marriage had far bigger problems than finding somewhere to live. She calls him stupid, and he wonders if she even wants this marriage. Des walks in on them, and asks what's happened - and Paul is frustrated when Des is also quite calm about the situation. He asks why Paul and Terry are suddenly so angry with each other, and wonders if there's more to it than just the unit. He thinks that it doesn't bode well if they're arguing like this before the wedding, and suggests discussing things calmly. Terry says that she's been trying to, and Des says that they're a pair of donkeys if they throw the relationship away over something so trivial. Paul looks sheepish, and Terry asks if they can still open the celebratory champagne.

. . .

Daphne's House - Living Room: Daphne finds Ian working - he says that he came home early to make it up to Rachel, but she's not here. He says that he hasn't seen her in the last hour, and Daphne is concerned, as Rachel was in a strange mood earlier. They start to wonder if she might have run off again.

Max's Bedsit: Max arrives home, closely followed by Shane, who's shocked by all of the junk in the room. Max explains that he'll move it soon - it's the parts of an old car that he bought with Jim, but Jim lost interest. Shane asks why it couldn't just stay in Jim's garage, and wonders what the hell is going on. Max says it's nothing, and leaves to go to the pub.

Daphne's House - Living Room/Office: Ian is furious with Rachel, and decides to call the police, but Daphne thinks that's a stupid idea, and suggests that they try to find her themselves first. They wonder where she could be, and Ian thinks that Margaret might know some of her friends, even suggesting that she might have gone back home, but Daphne thinks that would be the last place she'd go - she hates it there. Ian admits that he hadn't realised quite how unhappy she was, but then the phone rings, and it's Frank, Daphne's agent. He tells Daphne that she didn't have to send along a replacement, and Daphne is confused when he mentions her friend, Sabrina. As he talks, Rachel is in the room, listening to music and unaware of the phone conversation. Daphne suddenly realises who he's talking about, and tells Frank not to let her leave. She and Ian then rush off out the door.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Ian and Daphne are walking to his car, and he's furious to realise that the agency leased his house to a stripper. She says that she's a dancer, and she does it by choice - and she certainly didn't encourage Rachel to do it. She gets into the car, and asks Ian if he's going to join her, or let someone else pick up the pieces again.

. . .

No 28: Shane calls by, to see if Des wants to go to the movies, but Des is busy. Shane decides to go and see Daphne, but before he leaves, he asks if Des knows anything about the feud between Jim and Max. Des then follows Shane out the door, to tell him all about it.

Frank Barker Talent Agency - Exterior: Rachel is angrily leaving the agency, with Ian and Daphne close behind - Rachel is worried that Daphne will lose her job now, when none of this was her fault. Ian thinks that Margaret was right about Rachel and her troublemaking, but Daphne thinks there's more to it - Ian tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Rachel storms off, and Ian says he's not coming after her this time, so Daphne chases her instead.

Wally Walters' Coffee Shop: Rachel and Daphne walk into the coffee shop, now with a Chinese theme, and sit down. Daphne realises that Rachel ran off because she heard that Daphne was moving out. Daphne says that she won't be moving to the moon, but Rachel says that she wants to be more like Daphne - and her dad will just send her back home again, as he hates her. Daphne tells Rachel that her father loves her, and that he can't help being so busy. Rachel storms out, saying that it isn't love, it's guilt.

No 26 - Lounge/Kitchen: Jim is telling Julie about Paul and Terry's unit falling through, and Julie thinks that they're rushing into this marriage, and that she personally wouldn't consider marrying a man who couldn't offer her a roof over her head. Paul then comes in, and Julie rather hypocritically offers her sympathy, but he says that he needs to have a word with Jim. Jim offers to help them out, or even buy them somewhere as a wedding present, but Paul says that he'll just keep working until something else suitable comes up.

Daphne's House - Living Room: Daphne brings Rachel in, and a concerned Ian says that he's going to call Margaret. Rachel refuses to talk to her, but Ian tells his daughter that all of this conflict has to stop.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Max turns up, with some of Jim's that got mixed up in all the junk. Jim also offers to swap over the lawnmowers, as he has Max's, and his is in Maria's garage. Max is grateful, and the pair then continue to tell each other their grievances, in a very courteous fashion, as a confused Paul and Julie listen in. The two men then go next-door, to get an old armchair of Jim's that's in Maria's house, and start chatting about the footy.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Ian is leaving the house, and glares at Shane as he walks up the path.

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Daphne is finishing telling Shane everything that's happened over the past couple of days - and she says that tomorrow, Rachel's mum and stepfather are coming to visit. She tells Shane that Rachel's upstairs, sulking about the whole thing. Shane remembers what he was like when Nick Burman was around Maria, and says that sometimes people know they're behaving badly, but just can't stop themselves - he thinks Danny is going through something similar right now. He suggests that Daphne should come to the movies with him, as the Burns family and their issues aren't really her problem, and she gets annoyed, saying that would be taking the easy way out - she says that Rachel will have her to rely on, even if she hasn't got anyone else.

. . .

Daphne's House - Living Room/Kitchen:The next morning, Rachel's stepfather, Don, arrives and she introduces him to Daphne. Rachel tries to get Daphne to stay, as Ian turns up and offers Don a drink. Once alone, Ian and Don talk about how difficult Rachel can be, and Don admits that he did once hit Rachel, when she deliberately destroyed some of his work, but he can't seem to reason with her at all. He says that he only took control of her bank account, so that she wouldn't have the funds to keep on running away, and it seems to have helped a bit, and he wonders if she's getting into drugs - Ian doesn't seem to think she is, as Daphne asked her. Don says that he does care for Rachel, and he was so happy to meet a woman who already had children, but he never seemed to say the right thing where Rachel was concerned. From the kitchen, Rachel listens, then the doorbell rings and Margaret joins them all. Margaret isn't interested in talking, and just wants to take Rachel home, but Ian thinks that nothing is going to get solved if they do that. Don is keen to sort things out too, but Margaret is adamant, and she realises that the two men have been talking about her. They all start to argue, as Rachel covers her ears in the kitchen. Daphne finally storms into the living room and tells them all to shut up - she says that they're all being incredibly selfish. She introduces herself to Margaret, before saying that they're all going to listen, whether they like it or not.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Nadine Garner as Rachel Burns, Kristopher Steele as Mr Manning, Jon Sidney as Ian Burns, Simon Clews as Frank Barker, Ian Walker as Don Truscott, Meg Clancy as Margaret Truscott

Trivia Notes
Off-screen, Lucy has taken Basil for a walk
Past character Nick Burman is mentioned

Summary by Steve