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Features > The Twelve Features of Christmas by Callum

Santa isn’t the only person that showers you with gifts, all year the team behind Neighbours: The Perfect Blend have been providing you with the perfect presents for any Neighbours fan. As well as interviews with the likes of Ryan Moloney and Luke Devenish, many new Magic Moments, Biographies and Weekly Reviews, we’ve given you numerous brand new ongoing features. So, during our Christmas break, why not take the opportunity to have a look back at those launched since January…

1. The PB Vote
Back in January we launched the PB Vote, a fortnightly feature on our sister site, the Neighbours Message Board. Each fortnight, we ask our readers to vote and comment on a particular topic, with the results appearing on The Perfect Blend on the last Sunday of that period. Why not have a look at the results from this year's votes, or take the time to comment on the current topic?

2. The Neighbours Jukebox
The first of several new features launched in February, the Neighbours Jukebox runs fortnightly on the message board. Every two weeks our readers are asked to choose the songs that they think best reflect a character’s personality and storylines and at the end of that fortnight, their playlist is added to the main site. If you have a tune that you think represents one of the Neighbours characters perfectly, or you’d just like to find out which songs were chosen for each of the characters selected so far, why not pay a visit to the jukebox?

3. Opening Titles Gallery
As well as the jukebox, February saw the launch of our Opening Titles Gallery, which provides you with illustrated guides to the various Neighbours opening title sequences from 1985 to the present day. So if you fancy a blast from the past, or just a laugh at the ever-changing hair-do’s over the years, take a stroll through our gallery.

4. Cameo Profiles
From Warwick Capper & Molly Meldrum to Shane Warne & Brodie Holland, Neighbours has had many celebrities make cameo appearances over the years. Why not check out the cameo profiles to find out who has appeared and when, and just how they did it?

5. Character Tenures
Ever wondered when characters appeared and how long for? Then our comprehensive list of past and present Neighbours Character Tenures is for you. The last of the features launched in February, characters are listed by the actor’s surname, from Maree Ackehurst to Jackie Woodburne, find out who they played and when from.

6. Back In The Neighbourhood
March saw the further expansion of our interactive features with the launch of Back In The Neighbourhood. Every fortnight we suggest a new character in the interactive section on the messageboard and ask readers to create a plot to bring back a past character. Our favourite three plots will then be added to The Perfect Blend. This feature is currently on a break, but is set to return at some point in the New Year, but why not take the time to have a look at some of the plots suggested so far in preparation for its return.

7. Erinsborough News
Launched in March, Erinsborough News provides an archive of newspaper and magazine articles and covers featuring Neighbours actors and characters from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. If you ever wondered about an actor’s thoughts on a particular storyline or their reasons for leaving, browse our Articles, or if you want to see characters' appearances on the covers of nearly 200 magazines, past and present, peruse the Cover Stars section.

8. Actor Profiles
Following the launch of the Cameo profiles in February, April saw the launch of our Actor Profiles section. Here you can find profiles for Neighbours' regular actors, as well as many major guests featuring information on their lives before, during and after their Neighbours appearances. Why not take the time to find out more about the likes of Delta Goodrem or the late Myra De Groot?

9. Quotable Quotes
June saw the launch of Quotable Quotes, where we recall some of those Neighbours lines that you just wouldn’t want to forget. Take a stroll down memory lane and relieve classic Neighbours moments, or even act them out, or if you have a quote you’d like to suggest, head over to the message board and let us know what it is, and if you can remember, which episode it’s from.

10. Erinsborough Exits
Also launched in June, Erinsborough Exits provides you with a year-by-year guide to who left Erinsborough and how, not to mention the character’s final words. From Maria Ramsay to Isabelle Hoyland, if you’re looking to find out how a character left, here is the place.

11. The 50 Greatest Neighbours
Perhaps the biggest undertaking in the history of The Perfect Blend, The 50 Greatest Neighbours was launched in July when we asked you to vote for your top ten favourite Neighbours. You voted in your hundreds and we tore our hair out totalling it up and after much anticipation, the results have finally been announced, so why not take the time to see just who was voted into the top 50 and how many of your own top 10 actually made it.

12. What Happened Next?
September saw the launch of What Happened Next?, a fortnightly feature in which we ask readers to come up with a plot that follows on from a famous Neighbours event. Every two weeks, we suggest an event in the message board’s interactive section and our favourite three plots are then added to The Perfect Blend. So why not mosey on down to the messageboard and comment on the current event, or if you’re not sure what to write, have a look at previous suggestions for inspiration.

So, what does happen next? Well, we’ve just launched our new Unseen Character Profiles, where you can find out more about those characters who have often been heard about, but never seen, and keep checking back after the New Year to see what exciting new features we have in store for you in 2007.