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Heather Pryor 2008
Occupation: Senior Reporter at Erinsborough News

As she arrived in Erinsborough, Heather Pryor was telling taxi driver Frazer Yeats about her new job with the Erinsborough News, and searching for her purse to pay him, when her bags were snatched. As the robber, Brett Phillips ran off, Heather and Frazer gave chase, with Frazer managing to save the day and get her laptop back. After her eventful first day in town, Heather started her new job, quickly finding herself caught between warring colleagues Elle Robinson and Riley Parker. Having made sure that there were no romantic feelings between the pair, Heather quickly established a close friendship with Riley over their shared love of surfing and, as they headed off for a quick trip to the beach in their lunch break, she took every opportunity to flirt with him.

When Elle was forced to take a few weeks off to recover from her recent experiences trapped inside a warehouse that collapsed while holding an illegal rave, it allowed Heather and Riley to grow closer. But it wasn't long before Elle made a triumphant return, having got hold of a story revealing that the council had voted to remove security from the warehouse shortly before the rave, with Elle and Riley's neighbour, Councillor Steph Scully, providing the deciding vote. Having got approval from Brad to run the story the next day, Elle, Riley and Heather got to work on it, only for Elle's source - her dad's girlfriend Rebecca Napier - to admit that she'd made a mistake, as Toadie, one of the lawyers she worked for, had been given another document, which proved that Mayor Jackie Jones had known about the serious faults in the warehouse for several weeks. Toadie then tried to stop Brad from publishing the original story, to no avail, before going to Jackie and threatening to expose the second document, unless the council paid damages to everyone involved in the accident. Jackie, however, leaked a different document to Brad, providing evidence that Steph had known about the faults and had now skipped town to avoid the repurcussions. When the story hit the newspapers the next day, Heather and Riley soon found themselves facing the wrath of the locals, who refused to believe that Steph would ever do something like that.

Meanwhile, Heather and Riley's relationship was getting serious and he asked her to sleep over at his place. The pair were slightly put out to find that his parents, despite thoroughly approving of Heather when they first met her, were uncomfortable with him having a girl in his room all night, and had set up a bed on the couch for her. Taking the hint, they decided to use her apartment in future, but also spent a night at Lassiter's hotel. As they checked out, they found Elle at reception, and the three had an awkward chat before she left. Later that day, whilst working on a follow-up to the story about Steph Scully, Elle and Heather struggled to agree on how to pitch the article, with Elle desperately trying to avoid too many personal details, or unfounded opinions, about Steph. As the argument continued, Heather told Elle not to let her feelings for Riley cloud her judgement, while Elle angrily retorted that she just wanted to produce some good journalism, and couldn't care less about Heather's need to be the alpha girl.

A few weeks later, Heather was at the Lassiter's complex to interview Lou Carpenter about a protest he was holding, trying to prevent the new owners changing the General Store into a restaurant serving alcohol. Whilst there, she bumped into Riley, who had been becoming increasingly distant and told her that he was meeting someone. Heather, unsurprisingly, jumped to the conclusion that it was Elle, but Riley insisted that it wasn't - and even if it was, they were just friends. The following week, Heather and Riley finally managed to get some time together with a trip to the beach but, following their swim, their fun came to an abrupt end when they found a bag abandoned on the sand. Seeing nobody else around, they had a look and realised that it belonged to Ringo Brown, one of Riley's neighbours. After contacting Ringo's brother, Frazer - the same taxi driver who'd helped Heather upon her arrival in town - they stuck around as the search got under way, to help the police with their enquiries, and Ringo was later found, unconscious on the shoreline.

When, soon after, Heather suggested that Riley move in with her, he gladly accepted, but Heather was unaware that he was actually desperate to escape the clutches of his adoptive aunt Nicola West. Nicola had recently come to town and was desperately trying to resume the affair she'd been having with Riley since his 18th birthday, and he was finding it hard to resist her. When Nicola met up with Riley and Heather at the bar and started making suggestive comments, Riley's mind was made up and he headed home to pack, only for Nicola to walk in. Before long, the pair were in an embrace, but Heather turned up and caught them. She ran off and Riley gave chase, only for Heather to turn around and slap him, angrily warning him to never come near her again.

Some weeks later, rumours were flying around about an arsonist in Erinsborough, following a deliberately-lit bushfire in the national park which claimed the life of Marco Silvani. When the real arsonist, fireman Jay Duncan set up young Callum Jones to look like the one who started it, Heather was sent down to Ramsay Street to pester him and his guardian Toadfish, though the whole thing later turned out to be a ruse by the newspaper's new editor, Elle's dad Paul to flush out the real arsonist.

Soon after, Heather and photographer Shaun Kelly were waiting outside the local high school, where controversial couple Rachel Kinski and her boyfriend, and ex-teacher, Angus Henderson were attending a parent-teacher evening. As the pair tried to get past the journalists and their story appeared on the front of the newspaper again, they realised that they'd never be able to live a normal life in Erinsborough. Angus accepted a job in South Australia, but at the last minute, Rachel realised that she couldn't go with him, and was reunited with her family.

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