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Year by Year > 1990: Episodes 1114-1350

Network Ten airdates: 11/01/1990-07/12/1990

BBC 1 airdates: 22/02/1991-21/01/1992

UK Gold airdates: 06/02/1997-02/01/1998

Number of episodes: 237

Regular Cast: Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Sky Bishop, Melissa Jarrett, Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Melanie Pearson, Matt Robinson, Cody Willis

Joining Cast: Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Josh Anderson, Dorothy Burke, Glen Donnelly, Ryan McLachlan, Toby Mangel (second casting), Gemma Ramsay, Adam Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Eddie Buckingham

Departing Cast: Kerry Bishop, Lee Maloney, Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Beverly Robinson, Gloria Lewis, Lochy McLachlan, Nick Page, Hilary Robinson, Eddie Buckingham

Notable Guests: Clarrie McLachlan, Rhys Turner, Ewan O'Brien, Isabella Lopez, Eric Jensen

Massive cast changes and only four original cast members remaining, Neighbours plowed on from the 80s into the 90s, in a year that saw another death, a divorce, and the arrival of a new family...

The 1990 Season Return starts three weeks after the events of the '89 finale, which saw Madge winning the lotto and Beverly being bribed to keep baby Rhys.

With their winnings Madge and Harold don't hold back. They give money to Charlene and Henry first, buy a new microwave, and go on a trip to Europe. They also rent a spa and go skinny-dipping - much to the neighbours' amusement! In England they meet up with Rosemary Daniels, Helen's daughter, as well as an old eccentric gardener played by veteran English actor, Derek Nimmo. When they return from their trip Madge is sporting a new short blonde trim and it's goodbye to big red hair forever. They continue to lavish in their money for quite a while.

Todd finds out Melissa is coming home from America, but hasn't told her about Cody and him. When she does discover, both girls leave him, but Melissa eventually forgives him. It is soon found out though that Melissa had her own little fling with a boy in America. Todd gets very upset about it all and leaves Melissa. Soon, Josh Anderson arrives in town, and gets with Melissa, but not for long. Eventually, Todd and Melissa get back together - and Cody with Josh! It stays this way for a while, until things turn strange when Todd starts to like Cody more and Josh likes Melissa again. They start having affairs in secret, but it soon becomes common knowledge and the boys agree to swap partners, which turns out better for them.

Melanie proves to be an asset when Des starts his new job, helping him with hints along the way. Melanie was the one who got him the job after all, although this soon proves to be worse for her as Des is 'forced' to do sports he isn't comfortable with. He keeps the job up after a confrontation with his boss, before temporarily moving to Perth for a few months.

Beverly keeps the bribe to herself and doesn't let on to Jim (or Des who comes around checking about bank cheques). However, when she meets Adam and Debra in The Coffee Shop again, Jim eventually finds out and calls the police before she gives Adam and Debra the $1000. Adam tells them, while being dragged out, that he won't let them keep Rhys, and so begin Jim and Beverly's troubles. After having to give up Rhys, Beverly works herself into the ground and so begins an argument that lasts for months on end, which results in Helen temporarily moving out. Things get worse when Beverly's old flame appears in Erinsborough again. Jim makes it no secret that he thinks she's having an affair, but they do sort things out.

Matt and Lee had been together since the end of the year and seemed happy enough, even with meddling mother Hilary. Lee had gotten herself a job at the Coffee Shop and Matt at the garage. Things start getting bad however when Hilary leaves Erinsborough and the couple has to stay in an empty No. 30 by themselves, without Hilary's permission. They are caught and offered a place each - No. 26 for Matt and No. 28 for Lee. Although Matt doesn't like the idea, Lee quickly says it's fine. Matt asks her about it and she tells him they should take any opportunity they have, but Matt wants them living together. At Nick's farewell party though, Lee secretly runs away, only to be witnessed by Ryan, who gives Matt a note. Matt goes off in search for Lee, but she has gone forever, leaving Matt broken-hearted.

Bronwyn leaves Erinsborough early in the year to join Henry in New Zealand. Over there they get married, joined by Madge, Harold, and bridesmaid Sharon. Not long after that, Nick gets a letter from a London art school, and he has won a scholarship to study art in England, which he accepts. Only two months later, Sharon Davies packed her bags and left to go live with Bronwyn and Henry in New Zealand making room for new arrival Gemma, who starts dating Matt Robinson.

Linda Giles arrives in Ramsay Street in Paul and Gail's old house. Paul gives her Gail's old job, but soon gets annoyed that every now and again she is useless when he knows she can be a great worker. Not only that, but rumours start spreading around the street - thanks to Hilary - that Linda is running a house of ill repute, as Linda is often seen paying money to men as she leaves the house. We find out later that "Linda" is actually Caroline Alessi, and the 'useless' Linda is Caroline's twin sister Christina when she has to cover up for her. When Caroline accidentally walks in when Chrissy and Paul are talking, they tell him that they were told to act as one person after witnessing a murder. Later though, they find out that the police have captured their stalker, so introduce themselves to the residents of Ramsay Street. Caroline is the serious one, with a job in Paul's office, and Chrissy the young at heart, who runs the Lassiter's Gift Shop.

Melanie gets very excited after she gets an answering machine message from her secret admirer. It's all going great and she loves the attention until Toby realises the voice belongs to Joe's friend Rocko - who does impersonations all the time. Melanie realises she has been set up, and gets angry at the uncaring Joe later, with her evening ending in tears. However, she later dates nerd Kelvin, whom she turns into a love rat. When she discovers Kelvin's cheating he packs his bag and leaves, with her having another night crying!

Lochy McLachlan's aunt Dorothy Burke arrives and buys No. 30, introducing Lochy's brother Ryan along the way. Sharon has a crush on Ryan, but is upset when he asks her to ask her best friend to the dance for him. Sharon ends up going to the dance on her own. Dorothy fills her house with exotic statues from her trips around the world, and ends up taking in Lochy and Ryan.

Toby leaves Erinsborough to live with his mother Noelene, but when she is killed, he has to return - this time played by Ben Geurens. He is utterly depressed by the death, not speaking a word, but he eventually does come around. Dorothy also ends up getting the place of principal at Erinsborough High after Mr Muir leaves.

Eddie Buckingham, a friend of Madge and Harold's from England, arrives and sets up at No. 24. He doesn't take long to get known, being a friendly guy. However, it is obvious to all No. 24 residents that there is something he isn't telling them - quiet phone calls being just a start, coinciding with a massive decrease in customers at the Coffee Shop. It turns out that Eddie has set up a Mobile Munch Cart, in which is singlehandedly taking over Harold's business! He does tell Madge and Harold in the end, who eventually forgive him. Next, he plays along with Christina to get back at Caroline, pretending they are engaged. He is also accused of robbing from the Coffee Shop. In the end, Eddie leaves to go back to London after his mother takes a turn for the worse.

Rosemary returns to Erinsborough with news that a friend has died. Tracey, the daughter, is in custody of Rosemary. Although early on Tracey and Rosemary do not get on, they eventually settle their differences and move to New York.

Melanie meets Roger, whom she quickly becomes engaged to. However, along with fallouts with his daughter Tania, Melanie discovers that Roger is a man who thinks women are only able to cook and clean, and a devastated Melanie leaves him.

Throughout the year, Beverly and Jim argue continually. Beverly accuses Jim of having an affair in New York. When Jim finds out, he plays along with it to make Beverly jealous, and when Beverly finds out about this she is unwilling to get back together with Jim after the woman turns out to be Rosemary. Not long after getting back together though, Jim then accuses Beverly of having an affair with Ewan. Beverly refuses to tell Jim the truth, also acting as if she wa having an affair to spite him. After more constant arguing, Beverly moves to the flat above her surgery. Meanwhile, Jim starts dating Caroline Alessi and Beverly discovers she is pregnant. When Jim finds out, he immediately thinks the baby is Ewan's, upsetting Beverly. However the two do get back together, but after having another miscarraige Beverly packs her bags, and the two divorce.

Todd is sent to Adelaide to live with his mother and sister after the seperation of Jim and Beverly, but runs away back to Erinsborough soon after. When he is forced to go back, he and Cody run away on their own. However, Cody gets ill so they both decide to move back.

The Willis family move into No. 28 after Des moves into the flat above Bev's surgery. Ramsay Street welcomes mother Pam, father Doug, and children Adam and Cody. Their two other children - Gaby and Brad - are overseas. Brad is in America on a basketball scholarship, while Gaby studying for a business degree in Japan. Cody believes she is adopted when there are no baby photos of her and finds adoption papers, but it all turns out to be a big mix up.

Adam and Caroline start to date, however it all turns sour when both have different ideas of how serious their relationship is. After Caroline plays between Jim and Adam, the two men start a feud which causes the residents of Ramsay Street to denounce both men as childish. At a basketball match, Adam accidentally knocks Jim over. Jim insists that Adam did it on purpose and Caroline comes to realise she loves him more than Jim and the two get back together.

Joe and Kerry discuss their children and later adopt Sky and Toby respectively. Kerry's old friend Amber shows up, and is shocked at how much Kerry is changed. Amber takes Joe and Kerry out for a duck protest at the marshes, but tragedy strikes when Kerry is accidentally shot, has a miscarriage, and dies in hospital.

Paul meets Isabella abroad, and brings her back to Ramsay Street. When he announces their engagement, Chrissy is extremely jealous, so when she tells Paul that Isabella is only with him for his Australian Passport, though he doesn't believe her. However, he finds out she is telling the truth and throws Isabella out.

Joe discovers that Eric Jensen, Sky's father, is planning to take her back. There is a long custody battle and he realises that he needs to be married to keep Sky. Melanie offers her hand, but Joe refuses. Joe is distraught as he loses Sky to Eric.

Christina and Paul finally get together at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Todd and Cody run away from Erinsborough again. 1990 ends with a dramatic crash and a shocking confession. Matt and Gemma crash Matt's bike at night in the rain, while one Glen Donnelly turns up on Jim's doorstep and claims to be his long-lost son...

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Review by Joe

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