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Episode Summaries > 2005 > Episode 4770

Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 22/07/05 BBC One: 13/10/05

Episode Title: I Confess

• Dylan admits to Harold that he trashed his house
• Annalise introduces herself to Harold while Lou hides
• Susan confronts Izzy and gives her an ultimatum; she has 24 hours to tell Karl the baby wasn't his, or she will

Scarlet Bar - Office: A stunned Izzy asks how Susan found out about the baby and assumes Tom told her, then she asks if it was Darcy. Susan doesn't admit how she did find out and simply gives her the 24 hour ultimatum again. Izzy calls her an evil blackmailer; Susan says she's in no position to talk about morality and that if she really loves Karl, she'll sort it out, if not, she doesn't deserve him.


The General Store: Annalise walks in and Lou drops behind the counter, causing Sky to ask what he's doing. Annalise leans over and Lou is forced to pretend he was looking for a spoon. He asks how long Annalise has been in town and she says "just as long as you've been avoiding me".


The General Store - Kitchen: Lou and Annalise find some privacy so they can talk. Annalise secretly sets her video camera recording and props it on the worksurface. Lou says it'd be easy for them to have some fun, but wouldn't be fair to her as she'd only get hurt; he's only been avoiding their unfinished business. Annalise is amused but manages to hide it. She feigns heartbreak and can't resist teasing Lou by suggesting they have the occasional tête à tête - which can't hurt now that they know where they stand. She suggests 7:30 that night and a delighted Lou declares "Annalise Hartman, you are a very naughty girl". She corrects him that officially it's now "Kratz" as she and Sam married five years ago. Lou looks shocked but congratulates her. Annalise says she'll see him that night and he apprehensively agrees "Well if that's what you want?"; she says it is, as she needs the perspective of an old timer. Lou is confused - she clarifies; for the documentary.

Scarlet Bar: Max asks Izzy if she's alright and says she looks terrible. He recommends she go home, but she says she doesn't want to be there. Sat at a table, David is being interviewed by Annalise. He's saying how close knit the community is and that they all look after each other like a family, but Annalise tries to rake some dirt on his married life. He says he's confident that "when" his wife moves back in, but stops speaking as Liljana walks past, and asks whether they can do that bit again as he meant to say "if" and excuses himself to go and appologise to Lil. Annalise keeps filming as the couple talk at the bar but David asks her to stop so she pretends to turn it off. David tells Lil that if she did go back to him, they'd be stronger than ever, but there's no pressure and he just wants to talk. Lil tells David about Paul asking her back, but says she's not considering it and just wanted the truth out.


The General Store - Kitchen: Sky tries to explain to Harold that she can see the good in Dylan and he deserves another chance. She points out the hypocrisy that he gives lots of people second chances but it's a different story when the crime is against his house.

Go Go Boys: Go-Go Riley teases Stingray and smacks his bottom as she tells him to get to work.


Lassiter's - Courtyard: Paul is being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse. He sees Lil and says he needs to speak to her - he calls her over. She says they have nothing to talk about as she's not leaving David for him. Paul mocks that she's going to have a boring life in the burbs with a man she doesn't even love. She says that's not what she's doing. Paul is certain she doesn't love David and says she can't live without love. He finishes by saying she's always going to be wondering "what if" and threatens "don't you make me hate you". Lil turns away and leaves.

Scarlet Bar: Izzy is drinking at the bar while Max does his interview with Annalise. David and Harold enter and ask Isabelle if she's alright. A drunk Izzy starts shouting "Are you having a good laugh at me!?", mocks David about his wheelie bins, says everyone should pretend to be really nice and calls everyone a bunch of hypocrites. Annalise has filmed the whole rant.


No 26 - Kitchen: Dylan is cooking while Stingray tells him about his sexual harrasment problem with Go-Go; Dylan's not very interested. Sky knocks at the door wanting to talk to Dylan in private so Stingray makes himself scarce. Dylan asks Sky what her granddad is going to do; she says he hasn't decided yet. He asks her if she's mad at him for telling Harold, but Sky says she's proud of him for being honest. She says a few months ago he would have blamed it on someone else and it it means he's changed. Dylan says it must be the people he's hanging out with now. He gets awkward and says Sky's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Sky tells Dylan she loves him.

Scarlet Bar - Office: Izzy tells Max she's going out clubbing but he says he's taking her home; she protests. He tries to get to the bottom of what's wrong with her and tells her to get her act together. She leaves.


General Store: Lou is being interviewed by Annalise and is asked for some steamy secrets and tales of Lou's loves. She asks if they could continue the interview at his place; for the ambience.

General Store - Kitchen: David and Harold are talking about Izzy as they prepare a Salvation Army trip. Harold stops and says he has to tell David that he found out that Dylan vandalised their home. He warns David not to overreact as he did earlier. Lil walks towards the kitchen and can hear David's voice as he complains about Dylan and then his troubles with Paul having another crack at Lil. He says DYlan needs to be punished and as far as he's concerned, Robinson got off scot free. He leaves the kitchen and sees a solemn Liljana who points out that Paul lost a limb. David says he's sorry but he's just so angry that Paul tried to interfere again. Lil says he tried but she told him it was over. David smiles.

No 28: Annalise interviews Susan while Lil watches. Annalise is surprised about Karl as she always thought they were such a match. Susan explains that he felt unforfilled with his life. Annalise asks if she thinks Karl has found what he's looking for, and describes Izzy as seeming a few sandwiches short of a picnic, which Lil sniggers at. Susan says that she'd have to ask Karl that. Annalise goes on to ask if she thinks Karl is happy, and Susan says she thinks at this point in time he may admit to a few regrets. Susan's then asked if she's happy. She hesitates and says that she learnt that happiness isn't about yearning for what might have been or wondering what will happen, you have to look at what you have.


No 26: As Dylan prepares to do some gardening at the Bishop house, Sky complains that he doesn't need to do that, but he says he feels he has to do something for her family. There's a knock at the door and it's Harold and David. Harold begins by apologizing for being harsh, but Dylan says he wasn't harsh at all. David thinks doing some gardening was a good idea; and the gutters are getting full. Dylan says he's happy to do that and any other punishment they want; even staying away from Sky. Harold thinks that's a good idea and suggests a month. Sky protests but Dylan agrees to the terms.

No 28: Stingray is telling Susan about Go-Go. She tells him it's sexual harassment and it's serious. He's reluctant to believe that and doesn't know how to make her stop.


Lassiter's Parkland: Stingray is biking his way to work while practising telling Go-Go to stop. He then spots Izzy sleeping under a cardboard box in the rotunda. He asks if she's alright and wonders if the doctor should look at her. She shrugs it all off and tells him not to tell anyone he's seen her there.


Go Go Boys: Go-Go is dismissing Stingray's complaints as a few laughs. When he gets serious, she says she forgets he's just a school kid.

Erinsborough Hospital: Izzy is visiting Paul and says she needs his help as there is no one else she can ask. Paul pulls grass out of her hair and mocks that where she spent last night must have been fabulous. She turns to go but Paul calls her back saying he finds her little mellowdramas fun. She asks again what she can do. Paul says he never thought he'd see the day when Izzy would lose her touch and that the answer to her problem is so obvious to him, it's blinding. Izzy still looks confused.


Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Isabelle Hoyland, Susan Smith, Lou Carpenter, Sky Mangel, Max Hoyland, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Harold Bishop, Stingray Timmins

Guest Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Kimberley Davies as Annalise Hartman, Damien Bodie as Dylan Timmins, Kate Cole as Go-Go Riley, Jane Carew-Reid as Nurse

Trivia Notes
• Annalise says she and Sam have been married for five years
• Last episode Summer Hoyland is credited as a regular character, and last episode Paul Robinson, Janelle, Dylan, Janae and Bree Timmins are credited as guests

Summary by David