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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 63

Written by Coral Drouyn, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 12/06/85, BBC One: 26/01/87, UK Gold: 27/01/93

Julie is furious to hear that Kim might be moving in
Paul realises that Daphne is going back to stripping
Max's new assistant, Terry Inglis, introduces herself, but Maria was expecting Terry to be male
Marcia tells a frightened Kim that they'll work everything out
Max won't work with Terry, though she insists that she has all the qualifications
On the phone, Pete Sherwin pretends to be a parent, telling Maria that Danny's party is under control

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Paul comes into the room singing, telling Scott to get up, as it's 8 o'clock already. He says that Scott probably feels like sleeping for a week, after everything he's been through lately. Scott gets out of bed, and thanks Paul for everything he's done for him recently, but then asks him for another favour - could he possibly stop singing in the mornings, as it's a terrible way to wake up. Paul then starts singing opera, and Scott runs out of the room.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny rushes in, running late for school, but in a very good mood with his party that night. Maria wonders if she should miss the lecture at the Community Justice Centre and come to the party instead, but Danny manages to talk her out of it. Maria then tells him that Shane will be coming home for the family dinner on Saturday night, and Danny's pleased, telling her that everything's going to be just fine. As he turns away from her, he looks very guilty.

. . .

Campsite: Shane finds Cindy and Loris looking at a map, and they tell him that they're leaving sooner than planned, as they want to be in Adelaide by Sunday, as a friend will only be able to see them on that day. He isn't sure that he can go with them, as he promised to go to his brother's birthday - they tell him that he could just take Danny a present today, and Cindy flirts with Shane about all the fun the three of them will have, travelling together.

No 24 - Kitchen: Terry turns up with Maria's keys, which she dropped in the van earlier. Maria invites her in for a cup of tea, and Terry talks about how Max has been giving her the most difficult jobs all day, as he's determined to prove that she can't do the job, just because she's a woman. Maria thinks it's unfair, but Terry is determined to stick it out and prove Max wrong. She says that she's encountered sexism before, and she's quit jobs because of it, but this time she's going to stand her ground. Maria wishes Terry luck, and says that Max may shout a lot, but he's not that bad underneath it all. Terry wonders why Max and Maria split up, as they talk so fondly of each other, and Maria tells her that it's a long story, before giving her some tips on how to handle Max.

Campsite: The girls are having problems with their van, and Cindy is attempting to fix it, when Shane arrives with his stuff, telling them that it was an offer too good to refuse. He asks if they could drop him off in town later, so he can pick up a card and present for Danny, but they explain that the van is being a bit temperamental, so they can't. They tell him that they're going at 8am the next day, and will have to go without him if he isn't back. He then leaves to hitch a ride home.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Scott doesn't think that Pete's plan for the party is a good one, or that Danny should be lying to his mum. They argue about it, with Scott annoyed at the amount of time Danny spends talking about Pete, and Danny reminding Scott that he hasn't had any time for his mates lately. Scott still thinks that Pete is bad news, but Danny says that the people who don't like him are just jealous of him. Danny leaves, saying that Pete will prove what a great guy he is at the party.

. . .

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria is trying to choose an outfit for the lecture that evening, and Danny helps her make her choice, before she gives him some money for the party. He feels guilty accepting it, but she says that he's a good boy and he deserves to have a good party. He's about to tell her the truth, but she says that she's running late and they can talk tomorrow. She goes into the bedroom, and Danny puts the money in his pocket and phones Pete and says that's everything's going to plan - and tells him to bring some extra beers.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul is singing to himself as he makes a sandwich, and Scott jokingly calls the mental home for deranged air stewards, telling his brother that a little yellow van will be along to collect him soon. Paul then jokes about all the kids' games that Scott and Danny will be playing at the party with Mr Pike supervising, but Scott admits that there is no Mr Pike - it was Pete Sherwin, conning Maria. Paul isn't sure what to advise Scott - he either risks the party, or he dobs in his best mate. Scott decides to risk it, and then leaves, stealing Paul's sandwich as he goes.

Hall: Danny is opening some gifts, as a few of the guests are dancing to Soul Kind of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics. Scott jokes about Danny receiving aftershave, saying that it'll be a few years before he can use it, unless he shaves his head. Pete and his mate Duffer then arrive with some crates of beer, wondering when the rest of the guests are going to arrive.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Des it eating a terrible dinner of things he found in the fridge, and watching the footy, when Paul turns up. Paul asks if Daphne's gone yet, and briefly thinks that Daphne's told Des about the stripping, before he realises that Daphne told Des that she was going to an interview. Des is really impressed with Daphne and how she's managed to bounce back so quickly from all of that business with Mr Evans.

Hall: As Scott, Danny and the other guests are dancing, Pete and Duffer are preparing to sell drugs, though Duffer isn't convinced that they'll do much business with these kids. Meanwhile, a girl called Angela is trying to get closer to Scott, but he keeps pushing her away, and she pulls a bottle of rum from down her shirt and starts drinking. Angela's friend Carol then comes over, with Danny, then Duffer comes over and offers Danny a joint. He turns it down, but the girls think he should do it, and Duffer lights it and sticks it in Danny's mouth. Danny coughs a little, then pretends to enjoy it.

. . .

Hall: Later, Scott is annoyed with Danny, who's sitting alone, completely stoned. Scott accuses Danny of doing it just to impress a girl, and Danny says that he didn't want them to think he was a kid - Scott then points out that Danny didn't need to drink so much beer either, but Danny explains that it was to get the taste of the joint out of his mouth. Angela and Carol come over, and, as Angela runs off to be sick, Carol wonders why Scott isn't interested in her. He says that he doesn't like second-hand goods. She spots some older guys arriving at the party and goes to check out the 'fresh meat' as Scott tells Pete that this party is getting completely out of hand. Pete tells Scott to go home if he doesn't like it. Meanwhile, at the other end of the room, the table collapses with Carol on it and guys pouring beer all over her, and everyone starts laughing.

No 24: Shane arrives back to an empty house. He sits down on the couch, disappointed.

No 28 - Lounge: Des is sorting out his coin collection when there's a call. It's a man named Frank Barker, looking for Daphne. Des says that she's not back yet, so the man says that he just wanted to tell her that her act was the best he'd seen in ages and he's interested in booking her again. Des hangs up, unimpressed.

Hall: Scott catches Duffer trying to sell pills to some of the kids. Carol tells Danny that she's got to go, and she gives Danny a kiss to remember her by. Scott then tells Danny about the drug dealing going on, and Danny goes over to Pete, who says that he'll stop if Danny wants him to. Danny and Scott walks away, satisfied, as Pete tells Duffer that he's going to spike Danny's drink with something even stronger.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Des Clarke, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitas as Terry Inglis, Kier Saltmarsh as Pete Sherwin, Christopher Stevenson as Duffer, Jenny Robinson as Loris, Verity Higgins as Cindy, Desiree Smith as Angela, Andrea Butcher as Carol, John Preston as Frank Barker

Trivia Notes
Cindy and Loris's campervan is called Hildy
Paul sings O What A Beautiful Morning and later As Time Goes By

Summary by Steve