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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 5

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Mark Joffe, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 22/03/85, BBC One: 31/10/86, UK Gold: 06/11/92

• Des stands in an empty lounge after telling Jim that Lorraine has cleared the house
• Kim tells Scott she asked to go on the contraceptive pill while Danny and Eddie Sherwin record the conversation
• Daphne surprises Des when she reveals she has replaced all his lost furnishings

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen and Maria are filling jars with the jam they have made. They both joke about how obsessed Max has been since Daphne moved into ‘his’ street. The sight of Daphne having 2 vans to deliver the furnishings into No 28 apparently was too much for him to bear. Paul arrives and hungry goes for some jam but is redirected to the fridge by Helen. Helen reveals that Jim is helping Max fix the Ramsay lounge ceiling and Lucy is asleep upstairs. Maria gives the news about Lorraine taking the furniture away. Helen decides not to tell him about Daphne replacing it to play a little joke on her grandson as he rushes off to see Des with as pot of jam for his friend.

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: Des is not happy about Daphne replacing the furnishings and refuses to each the lemon chicken she has cooked. She explains the furnishings are all under her name so he isn’t obligated at all. Paul arrives only to be confused by seeing a furnished house but learning of what Daphne has done agrees the house looks better than before. Des leaves the room and Paul still hungry sits down to eat with Daphne. He tries to assure her Des will appreciate what she’s done for him but he is just very untrusting of women at the moment.

No 26 - Kitchen: Maria and Helen are clearing up in the kitchen when they both can hear Max and Danny arguing with each other in the Ramsay house. Maria seems crestfallen and thanks Helen for being such a good friend. Helen is taken aback by the comment and asks what spurned that. Maria comments jam was the first thing Helen gave her when they first met and she still is thankful for her helping to save her marriage so many years ago. Maria asks Helen’s opinion about whether she should tell Max the truth about Danny not being his son – Helen urges her not to. Scott arrives and the conversation stops. Helen lets Scott know Jim is over at the Ramsay house.

No 24 - Lounge/kitchen: Max, Jim, Shane and Danny struggle to replace the ceiling panel. Max keeps blaming Danny until Scott arrives and diverts attention for a bit over his smart dress and date with the teacher's daughter. Max continues to pick a fight with Danny who eventually tells his father he would like nothing better than to move out of home to be away from him. Jim tries to reason with Max he is being too hard on Danny.

. . .

No 24 - Danny's bedroom: Danny tells Scott he has had enough of living at home. Changing the subject he plays a tape to Scott of his mother and father in an edited heated conversation. Danny warns Scott off a forthcoming tape Eddie has been editing that will really make him laugh.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: The awful Mrs. Armitage arrives at no 26 to seek refuge again. Helen this time has very little patience for her neighbour and with Maria watching on, she calls Mrs. Armitage’s bluff and tells her to call the police to complain about her husband’s behaviour. Mrs. Armitage is horrified at the suggestion of getting the police involved and declares she will not be bothering to call again for support and promptly leaves. Helen and Maria joke about Max worrying so much about Daphne when there are people like her.

No 28 - Lounge/The Kingham house - Lorraine's bedroom: Des returns home and he apologises to Daphne, thanking her for what she has done. Des receives a gloating phone call from Lorraine, asking how he is getting on with no furnishings. Des plays along until Lorraine mentions again about him & her getting together to discuss things. Des tells her not to ‘hold her breath’.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen gives Paul an iron shirt while Scott declines going to the Zoo. Helen, Lucy and Jim leave for the zoo and Scott calls the Taylor house. When Marcia Taylor answers, Scott hangs up.

The Taylor house - Lounge: Marcia is convinced the call was from the kids at school. Kim seems distracted and wants to stay at home rather than go out with her parents to visit their Aunt Margaret.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Scott is still sitting at the desk in the lounge, staring at the phone. Paul come through telling him that he is going out, and leaves looking at Scott. He is still staring at the phone.

No 28 - Kitchen/dining area: Daphne’s cooking for Des has brightened his day and Paul sees this when he arrives. However he is disappointed again when Daphne agrees to go to the beach with Paul. Shane arrives to ask her to watch him dive again but Daphne is adamant about going to the beach with Paul. Des and Shane are not impressed.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: At breakfast Scott and Paul tease each other while Lucy tells the family that she may be allowed to get a dog. Jim asks a reluctant Scott to walk Lucy to school.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Shane is doing repairs to his cars engine when Daphne arrives home from a night out. Shane makes a comment about her being out all night but is distracted by Max ignoring her.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge/kitchen: Des is anxiously waiting for Daphne to arrive home and when she does he starts questioning her on where she has been. Daphne becomes defensive telling him it really isn’t any of his business. Des continues asking for at least a phone call and Daphne agrees going forward she will. Des overreacts and storms off telling her to just live her own life the way she wants.

Park: Scott apologises for being late after taking Lucy to school to Kim. He confirms that he was the one who rang and Marcia picked up on. They both agree to meet up again.

. . .

. . .

Marcia Taylor's classroom: Marcia is keeping a close eye on her class as they undergo a test. At the back of the class Danny is quietly giggling to something he’s listening to in his headphones from a cassette player on Eddie’s desk. Marcia spots Danny and demands he play out loud what he finds so funny. Danny tries to change her mind but Marcia is adamant. The class including Scott and Kim then hear an edited tape of the conversation Scott and Kim had in the monastery which insinuates Scott paid Kim to have sex. Horrified Kim runs from the class and Scott follows. Marcia is left speechless.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Antoinette Byron as Lorraine Kingham, Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Maureen Edwards as Marcia Taylor, Bruce Kerr as Neil Taylor, Darren Boyd as Eddie Sherwin, Marion Heathfield as Mrs Armitage

Trivia Notes
• Jim, Helen & Lucy go to the zoo
• The Taylor family have an elderly relative, Aunt Margaret
• Helen mentions Lucy sleeping ‘upstairs’

Summary by Paul