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Erinsborough News 1987-2010
Address: 54 Due Street, Erinsborough, 9571
Owners: Paul Robinson (2008-2010)
Editors: Elle Robinson (2009), Paul Robinson (2008-2009, 2009-2010), Brad Jordan (2007-2008), Bill Merchant (2004-2007), Ian [unseen] (????-2002), Mike Healy (1998), Jeff Reiner (1996), Sandra Lloyd (1988-1990), Mr Cutler [unseen] (1987)
Cadets/Columnists/Reporters: Lyn Scully (2009), Karl Kennedy (2009-2010), Paul Robinson (2009), Vanessa [unseen] (2009), Susan Kinski/Kennedy (2008-2010), Susannah Christie (2007), Heather Pryor (2008), Elle Robinson (2007-2009), Riley Parker (2007-2008), Sindi Watts [as Carla Cosmos] (2004), Sarah Jones (2003), Madge Bishop (2001), Geri Hallett (1998-2001), Abby Hopetoun (1999), Libby Kennedy (1994-2001, 2004), Veronica Baxter (1993), Kerry Bishop [as Dear George] (1989), Poppy Skouros (1989), Nell Mangel [as Dear Georgette] (1988), Harold Bishop [as Dear Georgette] (1988), Scott Robinson (1987-1989)
Other Employees: Lucas Fitzgerald (2008-2009), Samantha Fitzgerald (2008-2009), Sky Mangel (2004), Mike Healy (1999)

Over the years the Erinsborough News has become the paper of choice for the residents of Erinsborough, despite competition from local rivals, the West Waratah Star.

In 1987, after writing a piece on the life of his grandmother, Bess, Scott Robinson was offered a part-time position by the then editor Mr Cutler, with the promise of a cadetship upon completion of his HSC. However, he soon found himself in trouble after writing stories about the lives of his neighbours. Inevitably over the years, this has been the case on more than one occasion, with Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Veronica Baxter, Libby Kennedy, Geri Hallett & Lyn Scully all writing the paper's gossip column.

Other columns over the years have included Madge Bishop's advice column, a wedding column by Libby Kennedy covering her impending nuptials to Drew Kirk - as well as one covering the honeymoon by Geri Hallett, 'Women's Libby' - a weekly column about relationships, Sindi Watts' astrology column and 'Ask Dr K' written by Karl Kennedy.

As well as columnists, many Ramsay Street residents have progressed to become reporters or feature journalists such as Libby & Susan Kennedy and neighbours Riley Parker & Elle Robinson. Current owner, Paul Robinson has also picked up Editorial responsibilities as well as writing many controversial stories on the lives of his neighbours.

Since their arrival in 1994, the Kennedy family have found themselves the subjects of the front page more than any other with Malcolm Kennedy being the first following his accidental shooting of Lou Carpenter and in more recent years, stories on Rachel Kinski's affair with teacher, Angus Henderson & reporter, Susan acting as a surrogate mother to Libby Kennedy & Dan Fitzgerald.

In 2009, the paper ran a Christmas Spirit competition to see which local business best showed the true spirit of the season with bar, Charlie's and local cafe & shop, Harold's Store both making it into the final. After much deliberation the judge, Karl Kennedy, named Lyn Scully's multicultural display at Harold's, the winner.

Trivia Notes
In 2008, the paper became the official sponsor of the Eastside Dingoes football team
In 2010, the paper moved to new offices in the old Veterinary clinic at the Lassiter's Complex

Key moments (with episode links where available)

Libby confronts Brad Jordan over his plans to publish a story about Rachel & Angus
Paul reveals himself as the paper's new owner & editor
Susan is arrested for breaching the restraining order that Samantha Fitzgerald had taken out
Paul catches Lyn breaking into his office