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Paul and Gail's Wedding
June 17th

On this day... in 1987, Paul Robinson and Gail Lewis were married, albeit for convenience. With Japanese investors looking for a hotel with a family feel, Lassiter's manager Paul asked Gail to marry him, and the pair shocked their families, who believed they were simply going to dinner, with a quiet wedding service. But, during the six months that followed, the business arrangement was forgotten as Paul and Gail fell in love for real, renewing their vows in front of family and friends, who were gathered to see Paul's father, Jim, marry Dr Beverly Marshall. The marriage then lasted eighteen months before Paul's work obsession split them up, but it did produce three children, triplets Elle, Robert and Cameron. And the spirit of Gail is still present, with daughter Elle sharing 22 Ramsay Street with Paul, and Gail herself making occasional visits to the street she once called home.

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Tom Oliver Turns 70
June 12th

On this day... in 2008, Tom Oliver, Erinsborough's larrakin Lou since 1988, turns 70. Following a long career in television, with roles in shows including Number 96 and Prisoner: Cell Block H, Tom made his first Neighbours appearance in 1988, as Lou, an old school friend of the pair, attempted to come between Harold Bishop and Madge Ramsay. He was quickly sent packing, but made Ramsay Street his permanent home in early 1992, with Harold missing, presumed dead, and Madge on her own again, Lou slowly wormed his way back into her affections but by the end of the year, she'd turned down his marriage proposal and high-tailed it up to Queensland. Lou found love again in 1993 when Cheryl Stark made an instant impression on him, but since her death in 1996, he's struggled to find love again and, in 2001, said goodbye to their daughter, Lolly, when it was revealed that he wasn't her biological father after all. These days, Lou and former love rival Harold have teamed up, as both housemates and business partners, to run their own General Store.

Anne Haddy Passes Away
June 6th

On this day... in 1999, Anne Haddy, Erinsborough's favourite Gran, Helen Daniels from 1985 until 1997, passed away. Anne had been ill for some time, forcing to her to take extended breaks from her role as Helen throughout 1997, before finally leaving the role late that year. Originally it had been planned for Helen to simply leave Erinsborough on a world cruise, then scenes were filmed in which her family learnt that she had died, but Anne insisted on returning one final time, and Helen came back to Ramsay Street to reunite the warring Bishop and Martin clans with a viewing of Scott and Charlene's wedding, before quietly slipping away on the sofa. Anne passed away less than two years later, aged 68.

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Marc and Stephanie's Wedding: Part Two
May 22nd

On this day... in 2002, the ramifications of Marc Lambert and Stephanie Scully's disastrous wedding played out following Marc's failure to say "I do". Who'd have thought that six years later unlucky Steph would be having another botched wedding ceremony?! Back then it was her own sister Felicity's affair with Marc which caused catastrophe, and when Steph caught up with the love-cheats, an almighty showdown commenced in the middle of Ramsay Street. As well as the drama and tragedy of the day, a fair dose of comedy was thrown in with the arrival of gossipy "Auntie" Valda Sheergold who stuck her oar in left, right and centre while trying to help.

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Harold and Madge's Wedding
May 12th

On this day... in 1988, high school sweethearts Madge Ramsay and Harold Bishop were finally married. After almost getting together, both had gone on to marry other people, but they were reunited in 1987, both single and determined to make a go of things. After overcoming many obstacles - including the return of another of Madge's suitors, Lou Carpenter - they were married in a beautiful church wedding in May 1988. Three years into the marriage, Harold went missing, presumed drowned and, 18 months later, Madge left Erinsborough for a new life in Brisbane. But, in 1996, Harold was back - having spent his missing time in Tasmania suffering from amnesia - and Madge soon joined him. Reunited at last, the couple renewed their vows in a ceremony by the lake, with Madge even wearing her original wedding dress. 20 years on from that first wedding, Harold still calls Ramsay Street home, as does Lou, but Madge sadly passed away from cancer in 2001.

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Episode 4000
May 10th

On this day... in 2002, Neighbours celebrated its 4000th episode with a bang - literally - when the church went up in flames. The star of the episode was undoubtedly Holly Valance who, as Flick Scully, had become one of the show's most popular characters at the time, and the landmark episode saw her not only rescue Reverend Rosie and Lou from the burning church, but then become further embroiled in a secret affair with her sister's fiance. Elsewhere, Mal Kennedy finally realised that his plan to try and buy the Coffee Shop from Harold was making everyone unhappy, and he patched things up with his dad, Karl.

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Making Mansions
May 5th

On this day... in 2004, Neighbours hit a comedy high with episode 4473 which showed Sindi Watts presenting the ropey home improvement show 'Making Mansions'. The storyline had been building up over several weeks and had provided an opportunity to reintroduce the character of Sindi on a permanent basis after three previous guest stints. Sindi returned to Ramsay Street in an attempt to launch a career in TV presenting by filming a makeover programme focusing on renovating the Scully house. Sindi's cheesy on camera work and off camera hissy fits raised plenty of smiles along the way and Valda's insistence that Jack owned a Ricky Martin poster has become a real fan favourite quote. Unfortunately, the show was hijacked by Channel 44 who decided to poke fun at the Scully's and Sindi with some cruel onscreen captions and an unforgiving edit.

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