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Perfect Blend Launches
February 27th

On this day... in 2003, Neighbours: The Perfect Blend was launched. Five years have since passed, some faces have changed, some are still the same, but hopefully we're still meeting the Neighbours needs of fans around the world, and we hope to do so for some time to come.




Madge and Harold Renew Their Vows
February 26th

On this day... in 1997, recently reunited couple Madge and Harold Bishop renewed their wedding vows. Harold had been presumed dead in 1991, but had turned up back in Erinsborough in 1996, with Madge not far behind. The couple then overcame his amnesia, and love triangles with Lou Carpenter, then Claudia Harvey, to get back on track. Fearing that Madge was losing interest in him after all of his dithering, Harold then decided to propose, and Madge happily accepted. Wearing the original dress from their 1988 wedding, Madge stood with Harold at Lassiter's Lake, with the friends all gathered, and affirmed that they still loved each other as much as they had 9 years earlier. They then said their goodbyes and set off for Queensland, but returned - this time for good - a few months later.

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The Full Monty
February 19th

On this day... in 1999, five of Ramsay Street's finest specimens took their clothes of at Lou's pub. Joel Samuels, Drew Kirk and Toadie Rebecchi, as well as father and son Karl and Bill Kennedy had been rehearsing for weeks with self-appointed choreographer Amy Greenwood, while Harold Bishop, an original member of the troupe, pulled out at the last second as nerves got the better of him. The night ended in disaster, however, when Lou was unable to turn off the lights at the last moment, and the boys ended up revealing everything to the screaming women in the crowd. Unfortunately, this led to a complaint, the police became involved and it looked as though Lou might lose everything...

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Jim and Beverly's Wedding
February 15th

On this day... in 1988, Jim and Bev were married at the Robinson house in a Valentine's Day ceremony (poorly scheduled, since Valentine's Day was on a Sunday that year). The episode also saw Paul and Gail renew their wedding vows, having entered into a marriage of convenience the year before, then fallen in love for real, and the arrivals of Beverly's niece and nephew, Todd and Katie, who ended up staying long after the buffet was over. Todd, especially, went on to become one of the show's most popular character, outlasting many of his relatives and staying for four years, before tragically being killed off as he rushed to stop girlfriend Phoebe Bright from aborting their baby.

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Bouncer's Final Appearance
February 12th

On this day... in 1993, Bouncer made his final appearance in Ramsay Street. Having already left only days earlier, as Dorothy and Toby took him with them for his new life in the country, he made his way back to Erinsborough where he had fathered some pups, who, along with Bouncer, were shipped back off to the country in the Willis ute. Originally a replacement dog for Lucy Robinson's beloved Basil, Bouncer found his way around Ramsay Street with various owners, though spent most of his time with the Mangels. During his six years in Neighbours, his life was threatened on several occasions, whilst he also won an award for bravery and even got married in a dream sequence.

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Jackie Woodburne's Birthday
February 5th

On this day... in 1957, Jackie Woodburne was born. After a career with highlights including the roles of Julie Egbert in Prisoner: Cell Block H and Maggie Gordon in The Young Doctors, Jackie joined the Neighbours cast in 1994, playing the role of country doctor's wife, Susan Kennedy. Susan and her brood weren't exactly an immediate hit with the fans, who'd already lost many of their favourite characters in the early 90s and were just getting used to the departure of the Willis clan when the Kennedys turned up. But the producers stuck with them, and by 1998 they were firm favourites, a family it was difficult to imagine Ramsay Street without. Despite the indifference of fans, few could argue that Jackie had put in some moving performances in her early years, with the revelation that she'd committed euthanasia on her mother a standout moment. These days, after more than 13 years in Ramsay Street, Jackie continues to give beautiful, underrated performances, both as the star of her own stories and the supporting cast in other people's. Long may she continue to reign as the Queen of Ramsay Street.

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Annalise Hartman Departs
January 31st

On this day... in 1996, Annalise Hartman said a fond farewell to Erinsborough after three years living in Ramsay Street. During that time, she had gone from a schoolgirl who had a fling with 50-year-old Lou Carpenter to businesswoman and even detouring along the way to become a published poet! After Lou, her love life was no less eventful, with her relationship with Mark Gottlieb ending badly when he jilted her at the altar, then a fling with Stonie Rebecchi brought a halt to her new romance with Sam Kratz. Annalise left to go travelling after her affair with Stonie was revealed, later settling in London, where Sam agreed to join her and the pair ended up getting married. In 2005, Annalise made a return to Ramsay Street, as the brains behind a documentary interviewing past residents about what the suburban street had meant to them, screened just in time for Neighbours' 20th anniversary.

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Episode 3000
January 23rd

On this day... in 1998, episode 3000 of Neighbours was screened. However, unlike the previous 1000th and 2000th episode milestones, the event produced little fanfare, coming only a week into the 1998 season, with characters still dealing with the fallout from the dramatic 1997 season finale. Episode 3000, however, still had its fair share of drama, with the beginning of the Sarah/Karl/Susan love triangle, Madge feeling the first symptoms of her brain aneurysm, and the Billy/Anne/Caitlin love triangle still ongoing, and it concluded with a small party, as Susan prepared to spend her weeks away from Ramsay Street, as the new principal of Wangaratta High School.

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Clive Gibbons Arrives
January 21st

On this day... in 1986, Clive Gibbons made a mysterious debut in Ramsay Street, dressed as a gorilla and confusing new neighbour Max Ramsay, who was determined to weed out anything unsavoury in 'his' street. Clive went on to become one of Neighbours' most popular characters, making the transition from enterpreneur to doctor, but constantly losing out where his love life was concerned. After one rejection too many - as he found out fiancee Susan Cole had been secretly seeing Paul Robinson, Clive moved out of Ramsay Street to the flat behind his surgery. He continued to be mentioned, but actor Geoff Paine didn't appear on the show again until 1989, when the character made a brief return, designed to lead into his own spin-off hospital drama, which sadly never materialised.

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The Alessi Twins Arrive
January 18th

On this day... in 1990, identical twins Caroline and Christina Alessi made their first appearance - as one person. Under witness protection, the girls were pretending to be Linda Giles, Paul Robinson's new assistant, though it wasn't long before they were found out. Business-minded twin Caroline stayed on as Paul's assistant, while Christina captured his heart, and the pair were married in 1991, before welcoming a son, Andrew, into the world later that year. In 1992, the twins left Erinsborough - separately - with Caroline fleeing to Italy after sharing a night of passion with her brother-in-law. Chrissie found out about it, but eventually forgave Paul and they set off for a new life in Hawaii.

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Lana Crawford Leaves
January 13th

On this day... in 2005, Lana Crawford said her farewells to Erinsborough, as she left to return to Canada with her family. Though only a guest character, Lana proved very popular, as her friendship with Sky Mangel and her difficulties coming out as a lesbian struck a chord with many viewers. Indeed, her impact on Sky was still being felt into 2007, as a Canadian flag was featured at Sky's going away party at Lassiter's.

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1988 Season Return
January 13th

On this day... in 1988, Neighbours returned to Australian screens for its 4th season. 20 years ago, the show was at the peak of its success, with 1987 seeing the show's highest-ever ratings during Scott and Charlene's wedding. The 1988 season began with Paul and Gail returning to town, having finally reunited in the 1987 season finale, while Jane found herself threatened with a $100,000 law suit if she didn't return to America to complete her modelling contract. The rest of the year saw the departures of popular characters Charlene and Mrs Mangel, and the death of Daphne Clarke, as well as the weddings of Jim and Beverly and Madge and Harold.

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Jack And Nina Reunited
January 11th

On this day... in 2005, Jack Scully and Nina Tucker were reunited in Los Angeles. It was a relationship that had begun two years earlier with them both cheating on their partners, and both Jack's girlfriend Lori and Nina's boyfriend Taj were devastated. Even once their affair went public, it was still a bumpy road to romance for Jack and Nina, and he once again cheated, this time with Edwina Valdez. Soon after, Nina left Australia to join her dad in India, but returned a year later, her feelings for Jack as strong as ever and determined to make a go of things with him. Jack, however, wasn't quite ready for romance, having just got over a drug problem, and so Nina left for Hollywood on her own. But, after getting his life back on track, Jack flew out to join her and, in the second episode of the 2005 season, he was seen arriving at his hotel, where Nina was waiting, disguised as a chambermaid, to surprise him.

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Maggie Millar's Birthday
January 6th

On this day... in 1941, actress Maggie Millar was born. Maggie had already had a long and varied career, with roles in dramas including Bellbird, Homicide and Prisoner, when, in 2002, she joined the cast of Neighbours. Maggie's character, Reverend Rosie Hoyland, filled the matriarchal hole left by Madge Bishop, who had died the previous year, even finding herself caught between Harold and Lou, as Madge once had. Rosie was soon joined in the show by son Max and grandchildren Boyd and Summer, but, a year after joining, Maggie was controversially axed from the role, though the remaining Hoylands went on to become one of the show's core families, with Rosie's daughter-in-law Steph and grandson Charlie still resident at 32 Ramsay Street.

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1995 Season Return
January 2nd

On this day... in 1995, it was the beginning of what would arguably become one of Neighbours' weakest seasons to date. The earliest season return ever saw the Ramsay Street residents deal with the fallout from Mark and Annalise's almost wedding, halted by the groom's revelation that he'd decided to become a priest. Elsewhere, Cheryl was processing the news that the woman she had believed Lou to be cheating with was actually his long-lost daughter, Ling-Mai, while Sam wondered whether anyone would believe that he wasn't the father of pregnant schoolgirl Squirrel's child, as she was claiming.

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