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Sindi Departs
August 26th

On this day... in 2005, scatty Sindi Watts made her final appearance after three years. Beginning as a recurring guest character with a bitchy side, Sindi was made a permanent addition in 2004 and suddenly her nasty streak was forgotten as she became Ramsay Street's resident scatterbrain. However, the following year, Sindi underwent a further character transformation, as she found herself in a serious relationship with Stuart Parker and her mental health deteriorated. A series of mysterious accidents took place, all linking back to Sindi, who had found her happiness with Stuart threatened by other women, or problems for him at work, and decided to deal with the people responsible. But, since it was Sindi, nobody could see what was happening, except for Toadie who, evidence in hand, confronted her during her honeymoon and found himself pushed down a flight of stairs. This time, however, Stuart saw the whole thing and Sindi was sectioned, where it was revealed that this wasn't her first stint in a psychiatric ward. She went away for treatment, but there was a happy ending as, a few months later, Stuart moved home to Oakey where Sindi joined him to give their marriage a proper try.

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Joe's Arrival
August 8th

On this day... in 1988, black sheep Joe Mangel made his debut. Joe was tracked down by his niece Jane Harris after gardener Henry Ramsay had dug up his gun in Mrs Mangel's garden. Joe got one of the most memorable opening lines in Neighbours history as when answering his front door, he barked "Ping off!". Over time, the aggressive Joe mellowed and became a loveable larrikin. Taking over his mother's home, no. 32, Joe was a highlight of the late 80s and early 90s due to his mostly comical exploits with his niece Jane, hippy wife Kerry, son Toby, step daughter Sky, dog Bouncer, and, after Kerry's sad death, dippy wife Melanie.

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Charlene's Departure
July 26th

On this day... in 1988, after just two years on screen, Kylie Minogue bowed out of her role as Charlene Robinson. The ultimate feisty female teen, Charlene waved goodbye to her friends, family and even beloved husband Scott to set up home in Brisbane where her grandfather Dan Ramsay had just bought her a house. Scott was able to follow her up a little later when he got his journalism cadetship transfered. Since then we've heard about the births of the Robinson's children Daniel and Madison, and Kylie Minogue has forged a 20 year career in pop music that has few if any rivals.

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Cheryl's Arrival
July 26th

On this day... in 1993, just a few episodes after her son Darren's debut, viewers witnessed the arrival of the unforgettable Cheryl Stark. After a win on the lottery, Cheryl had bought her own bar which Lou Carpenter happened to pop into for a drink. He instantly caught her eye and before he knew it she was renting the house next door to him and buying his used cars on a daily basis, just to get close to him. A great coupling was formed and many argue that the next three years were Lou's finest thanks to his pairing with brassy Cheryl.

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Darren's Arrival
July 20th

On this day... in 1993, the first of several Stark's arrived with the dark debut of Darren. Back then he was a very different character; not least because he was played by a different actor. Scott Major was the first man to play Darren in a guest role which lasted just a few weeks. Darren was introduced as a nasty inmate of the detention centre Michael Martin was staying in and once he got out he decided to cause trouble for the Martin family by hooking up with Debbie and getting her involved in an armed robbery. Rick Alessi and escapee Michael came to the rescue and Darren was imprisoned again for another three years. On his return in 1996, he was played by Todd MacDonald, who made the role his own and, aside from being a love-rat, Darren managed to stay on the right side of the law.

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The 1000th Episode
July 7th

On this day... in 1989, Neighbours celebrated its 1000th episode. A party was being held to celebrate the engagement of unlikely couple Des Clarke and Jane Harris, and the event was gatecrashed by Mike, who had just returned to the area and was upset that his ex-girlfriend was now involved with his best mate and the man he'd seen for many years as a father figure. Also announcing their engagement were Kerry Bishop and Joe Mangel, an announcement met with hostility by Kerry's dad Harold, who had been approved of the union. But the biggest surprise of the evening came when Hilary realised how much her secrecy was hurting Matt, and she announced to her family and friends gathered at the party that he was, in fact, her son.

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