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The Perfect Blend beginner's guide to the current characters of the show, their relationships and where they live in and around Ramsay Street. Click on any house or character name for a more detailed history.

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22 Ramsay Street
Terese Willis owns this house, which was previously provided as accommodation as part of her former job at Lassiter's Hotel. Terese currently lives here with her husband, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi and his children Nell and Hugo. Toadie is currently caring for his parents in Colac.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou)
Occupation: Entrepreneur & Owner of Power Road & Eirini Rising
Loves: Toadie
Family: Toadie, Nell & Hugo
Friends: Paul, Jane, Leo, Aaron, Harold, Susan & Karl
Foes: Melanie


Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney)
Occupation: Owner of Rebecchi Law, Sonya's Nursery & Trustee of The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation
Loves: Terese
Family: Terese, Nell & Hugo
Friends: Karl, Susan, Andrew, Harold, Jane & Mackenzie
Foes: Paul


Nell 'Nellyfish' Rebecchi (Ayisha Salem-Towner)
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High School
Loves: None
Family: Toadie, Terese & Hugo
Friends: Melanie, Karl, Susan, Harold, JJ, Dex & Mackenzie
Foes: None


Hugo 'Sunfish' Rebecchi (Tanner Ellis-Anderson)
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough Primary School
Loves: None
Family: Toadie, Terese & Nell
Friends: Melanie, Karl, Susan, Harold & Mackenzie
Foes: None


24 Ramsay Street
This house is currently owned by Mike Young who bought it from Shane Ramsay in 2022. Mike is currently working in the UK but normally lives here with his fiance, Jane Harris, and his daughter, Sam. They have recently been joined by Jane's daughter Nicolette, granddaughter Isla and Isla's father Aaron.

Mike Young (Guy Pearce)
Occupation: Teacher (Unemployed)
Loves: Jane
Family: Sam
Friends: Nicolette, Byron, Aaron, Paul, Karl & Susan
Foes: None

Jane Harris (Annie Jones)
Occupation: Principal at Erinsborough High School
Loves: Mike
Family: Nicolette, Byron & Isla
Friends: Sam, Aaron, Harold, Melanie, Terese, Paul, Karl, Susan, Wendy & Curtis
Foes: None


Sam Young (Henrietta Graham)
Occupation: Executive Assistant at Lassiter's Hotel
Loves: None
Family: Mike
Friends: Jane, Nicolette, Byron, Isla, Aaron, Paul, Holly, Karl & Susan
Foes: None


Nicolette Stone (Hannah Monson)
Occupation: Unknown
Loves: None
Family: Isla, Jane, Victor & Byron
Friends: Aaron & Paul
Foes: None


Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson)
Occupation: Bartender at The Waterhole
Family: Isla
Friends: Nicolette, Jane, Byron, Sam, Terese, Toadie, Melanie, Karl, Susan, Cara & Remi
Foes: None


Isla Tanaka-Brennan (Hana Abe-Tucker)
Occupation: Hosting Tea Parties
Loves: None
Family: Aaron, Nicolette, Jane, Victor, Byron, Paul, Leo, Abigail, Lucy & Hilary
Friends: Sam
Foes: None


26 Ramsay Street
Local Police Sergeant, Andrew Rodwell owns this house with his wife, Executive Bar Manager, Wendy, having bought it from Sheila Canning in 2022. They briefly considered selling later that year, but quickly changed their minds. They live here with their daughter, Sadie.


Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will)
Occupation: Sergeant at Erinsborough Police Sub-Station
Loves: Wendy
Family: Wendy, Sadie & JJ
Friends: Toadie
Foes: None


Wendy Rodwell (Candice Leask)
Occupation: Executive Bar Manager at The Waterhole
Loves: Andrew
Family: Andrew, Sadie & JJ
Friends: Jane & Susan
Foes: Cara


Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan)
Occupation: Nanny to Abigail Tanaka, Make-Up Artist Trainee
Loves: Byron
Family: Andrew, Wendy & JJ
Friends: Mackenzie, Holly, Haz, Leo & Abigail
Foes: None


28 Ramsay Street
This house is owned by Dr. Karl and Susan Kennedy who have lived on Ramsay Street on and off for almost 30 years. Over the years, alongside their own children they have taken in many waifs and strays, including Toadie. They currently live here with Karl's daughter, Holly and Toadie's ex-wife, Melanie.


Dr. Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher)
Occupation: Doctor & Wellness Expert at Eirini Rising & Co-Owner of The 82
Loves: Susan
Family: Susan & Holly
Friends: Toadie, Terese, Nell, Hugo, Mackenzie, Paul, Mike & Jane
Foes: None


Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne)
Occupation: Operations Manager at Eirini Rising, Celebrant and Co-Owner of The 82
Loves: Karl
Family: Karl & Holly
Friends: Toadie, Terese, Nell, Hugo, Mackenzie, Paul, Mike, Jane & Wendy
Foes: None


Holly Hoyland (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall)
Occupation: Receptionist at Lassiter's Hotel
Loves: Haz
Family: Karl & Susan
Friends: Mackenzie, Sadie, Haz, Byron & Sam
Foes: None



Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden)
Occupation: Owner of The Drinks Divas
Loves: None
Family: None
Friends: Jane, Karl, Susan, Nell, Hugo, Krista, Paul
Foes: None


30 Ramsay Street
Newcomers to Erinsborough, Dr. Remi & Cara Varga-Murphy bought this house from local lawyer, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi in 2023 after a brief stay at Number 24. They live here with their teenaged sons, JJ and Dex. Cara's troublesome sister Chelsea is also currently visiting Erinsborough, and it was recently revealed that Andrew Rodwell's adoptive brother, Felix, is JJ's biological father.


Dr. Remi Varga-Murphy (Naomi Rukavina)
Occupation: Senior Medical Officer at Erinsborough Hospital
Loves: Cara
Family: Cara, JJ & Dex
Friends: Jane & Karl
Foes: None


Cara Varga-Murphy (Sara West)
Occupation: Building Manager at Lassiter's Hotel and Complex
Loves: Remi
Family: Remi, JJ & Dex
Friends: Jane
Foes: None


JJ Varga-Murphy (Riley Bryant)
Occupation: Residents' Assistant at Eirini Rising
Loves: None
Family: Andrew, Wendy, Sadie, Remi, Cara & Dex
Friends: Nell & Andrew
Foes: None


Dex Varga-Murphy (Marley Williams)
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High School
Loves: None
Family: Remi, Cara & JJ
Friends: None
Foes: None


32 Ramsay Street
Vera Punt owns this house having bought it from Leo Tanaka in 2024. She rents it to Mackenzie Hargreaves, Haz Devkar, Byron Stone and Krista Sinclair, who live here with Haz's dog, Trevor.


Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone)
Occupation: Solicitor at Rebecchi Law & Erinsborough City Council
Loves: Haz
Family: None
Friends: Krista, Byron, Holly, Sadie, Karl, Susan, Toadie, Nell, Hugo, Harold & Trevor
Foes: None


Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar)
Occupation: Leaseholder of Harolds
Loves: Mackenzie
Family: None
Friends: Krista, Byron, Holly, Sadie, Harold & Trevor
Foes: None


Byron Stone (Xavier Molyneux)
Occupation: Concierge at Lassiter's Hotel
Loves: Sadie
Family: Jane, Victor, Nicolette & Isla
Friends: Aaron, Mike, Sam, Haz, Mackenzie, Holly, Krista & Trevor
Foes: Paul


Krista Sinclair (Majella Davis)
Occupation: Executive Consultant at Lassiter's Hotel and Complex
Loves: Leo
Family: None
Friends: Paul, Melanie, Mackenzie, Byron, Haz
Foes: None


Trevor (Bohdi)
Occupation: Pet
Loves: None
Family: None
Friends: Haz, Mackenzie & Byron
Foes: None


Eclipse Apartments
Sometimes the houses of Ramsay Street aren't big enough for everyone, and some characters have to live elsewhere in Erinsborough. Paul Robinson lives in the Penthouse of the Eclipse Apartments at Lassiter's with his son, Leo, and granddaughter, Abigail.


Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)
Occupation: General Manager & Co-Owner of Lassiter's Hotel and Complex
Loves: Chelsea
Family: Lucy, Leo, Abigail, Isla, Aaron
Friends: Terese, Karl, Susan & Jane
Foes: Toadie


Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano)
Occupation: Owner of Yorokobi Vineyard
Loves: Krista
Family: Abigail, Paul, Isla, Lucy & Hilary
Friends: Aaron, Terese & Sadie
Foes: None


Abigail Tanaka (Nikita Kato)
Occupation: Colouring
Loves: None
Family: Leo, Paul, Aaron, Isla, Lucy & Hilary
Friends: Krista, Sadie
Foes: None


Eirini Rising
Retirement experience Eirini Rising opened in 2024, sharing the land and building with Erinsborough High School. Owned by Terese Willis, Eirini also employs Susan Kennedy as Operations Manager, Karl Kennedy as Doctor and Wellness Expert and JJ Varga-Murphy as Residents' Assistant. Harold Bishop has moved back to Erinsborough from Queensland and lives in one of the apartments.

Harold Bishop (Ian Smith)
Occupation: Retired
Loves: None
Family: None
Friends: Terese, Karl, Susan, Jane, Toadie, Nell, Hugo, Mackenzie & Haz
Foes: None


Recurring Characters

Curtis Perkins: Teacher at Erinsborough High School, nephew to Vera Punt
Mrs. Vera Punt: Owner of 32 & 34 Ramsay Street, Aunt to Curtis Perkins
Lucy Robinson: Head of Lassiter's Worldwide Development, sister to Paul
Hilary Robinson: Eirini Rising resident, 1st cousin, once removed to Paul & Lucy
Victor Stone: Ex-husband of Jane, father of Byron and Nicolette

Please note that this information is based on Australian broadcasts & Amazon Freevee releases

Last Updated: 23 June 2024