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Adam Clarke's house
The lavish home of Portside Falcons' footballer Adam Clarke, where Ringo was initiated into the team


Andrews' house/lock-up
The house and lock-up where Zeke was unwittingly kept captive after the rafting accident


Angus' flat
The flat Angus and Rachel moved into briefly after he was released from prison


Cammeniti house
The lavish home of the Italian Cammeniti family, first seen on screen in 2003


Carmella's apartment
The apartment where Carmella lived in the months before and after the birth of baby Chloe


Daphne's house
The large house, owned by Ian Burns, which Daphne leased from him for several weeks in 1985


Freedman apartment
The modern apartment which was home to kooky Donna Freedman and her father, Sergeant Matt


Jones house
The house in Patterson Hills once home to Hilda & Callum Jones and Sonya & Jade Mitchell


Jordan house
Home to Erinsborough News editor Brad Jordan and his teenaged daughter Taylah


Kapoor house
The house local councillor, Ajay Kapoor, his High School Principal wife, Priya, and their daughter, Rani, call home


Karl's apartment
The apartment that divorcee Karl, and later Ned and Paul, called


Katya's flat
The flat where Katya, Rachel and Zeke lived briefly before moving in with Susan


Langdon house
The house where Des's girlfriend Joan lived with her children, Susan and Rodney


Libby and Darren's house
The house shared by Libby and Darren, located in the city of


Libby and Drew's flat
Home to Libby, husband Drew, baby Ben and homeless Flick Scully in 2001 and 2002


Loris' house
The townhouse of Ms Beaumont, aka Loris Timmins, which allowed her an escape from her cheating husband


Lucas' apartment
The city apartment, with a stunning view, where Lucas stayed during his first few months in Erinsborough


Lucas & Vanessa's apartment
The apartment that Lucas, Vanessa & Patrick called home, formerly home to Susan Kennedy


Marco's apartment
Marco Silvani's spacious apartment on a development in the Yarra


Max's Bedsit
The bedsits where Max Ramsay lived, along with his son Shane and various other residents, in 1985


Murphy farm
The remote farm where Karl and Susan Kennedy reluctantly ended up spending a holiday


Napier house
Home to mother and son Rebecca and Declan Napier, until they moved to Ramsay Street


Ramsay house
Home to Paul's half-sister Jill and her three children, Katie, Harry and Sophie


Rhys' apartment
The modern apartment which was home to Dr. Rhys Lawson before his move to Ramsay Street


Robyn Lovell's farm
The farm in Ballarat where Callum Jones was sent to live with his aunt and cousin


Sascha Bracks' house
Home to con artist Sascha, where Lucas and Elle went looking for


Sonya's house
Home to Toadie's girlfriend, Guide Dog trainer Sonya Mitchell, before her move to Ramsay Street


Taylor house
Home to accountant Neil Taylor, his school teacher wife, Marcia, and their daughter Kim


West Waratah Caravan Park
The campsite and caravan park which was home to Lou and the Timmins family in 2005


Woody's house
Home to bad boy, Larry [Woody] Woodhouse where Andrew, Summer and Lucas went in search of Steph